Letter from the Superintendent to the VC Community

John Xanthis, Superintendent
VCSD Superintendent
John P. Xanthis

As we approach American Education Week, I want to take a moment to thank you for your daily efforts to meet our mission of educating children to the best of our ability during the ongoing pandemic. We very much appreciate the broad-based support we have witnessed each day from faculty, staff, students and families in our community. As we worked to reopen schools in the
beginning of September, and throughout the fall, our community has continued to support these efforts.

I don’t need to tell any of you about the immense challenges that face us during this difficult time, even as we accomplish so much. There are individual challenges in our own lives as we come to school each day; these challenges are also the private struggles of families and our students. Finally, there are the challenges from the state, federal, and local governments demanding that we continue to accomplish much with fewer resources. In spite of our many
challenges, I know I am part of a great team, and together we will do our very best to ensure high levels of student achievement for the children of this district.

I recently had the opportunity to address our teachers and administrators during faculty meetings to express my appreciation for all that they do. During these difficult times, it is often easy to become anxious and overextended, but I am amazed each day at the spirit of optimism and the efforts everyone has put forth to make Valley Central the best district it can be for our students.
Valley Central will always rise to the challenges before us for the betterment of our students, their families, and the community. We thank you for the trust that you place in us each day.