Math Opportunity for Elementary School Parents

Valley Central has the opportunity to provide parents with an outstanding workshop with Greg Tang.

Greg Tang is an engaging and entertaining parent, teacher and leader in the world of math education. Greg Tang  started his adventure in math education to help his daughter as a first grader and now leads professional development that relates concepts from kindergarten math through high school courses.  Greg is a prominent thinker in the world of math education and has written many math picture books. He has also created a website dedicated to helping students find relationships and meaning in math ( through a wide range of games and activities.

Before we commit to this workshop we need to obtain information on parent interest.  We hope that you will want to join us to explore math relationships under the leadership of Greg Tang. Together we can support our children in being mathematicians and discover that no matter our past experiences, each of us is a mathematician.

This will be an online workshop for elementary school parents.  Please fill out this form to express your interest.