Message to UPK Families

From UPK Director, Tammy Coleman (

We have received numerous questions and inquiries about the UPK Program for 2020-2021 so we thought it would be helpful to send a quick update. Although we are not 100% certain, we are fairly confident, and proceeding as such, that the UPK Program will be held beginning in September. If things proceed as we expect, what we do not know is how UPK will be
delivered…virtually online, in person or some sort of blended version. It is unfortunate that we can’t provide more concrete information for you at this time, because we understand that the uncertainty and unknown create anxiety, but we simply don’t know. We will be following
guidance from the Governor, the State Education Department, the CDC and the local Department of Health and we will work closely with all the UPK Providers to determine the answers to these questions as early as practically possible.
At this time, and as an exception for this school year only, in person registrations have been suspended and all incoming UPK students are considered to be fully registered with the school district. The Registrar will contact you directly if any documentation is still missing. Hearing
and vision screenings will not be held this summer, but will most likely be conducted during the school year for all incoming UPK students. Please note, religious exemptions for immunizations no longer exist nor will there be extended time to receive vaccines anymore. The UPK Nurse will contact anyone whose child is still missing immunizations.

UPK information can be found under our “Departments” and “About Us” links on the website.