NYS Dept. of Health Travel Requirements as of November 4, 2020

This is official guidance from NYSDOH regarding new testing and quarantine criteria as it pertains to travel as of  November 4th, 2020. This guidance does NOT apply to any travel for any length of time to contiguous states. Contiguous states include: Pennsylvania, Vermont, New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts.


Travelers have two choices for travel to any non-contagious state for greater than 24 hours. For travel to ANY other State or CDC Designated Level 2 or Level 3 County travelers must complete either of the following:


  1. Complete a 14 day quarantine from the day they leave a non-contagious state or Level 2 or 3 country ; OR
  2. Obtain any FDA-approved COVID-19 test (rapid or PCR test) 72 hours prior to ARRIVAL BACK TO NEW YORK. (This could mean that they receive a test PRIOR to departure if only going for 48 hours) ; AND
  3. Quarantine for 3 days upon return to New York and receive a 2nd FDA-approved COVID-19 test on day 4 or later. Everyone MUST quarantine while awaiting results of the 2nd test.


NYSDOH clarified on Wednesday afternoon that you must get 2 tests. If two tests cannot be obtained in the intervals designated above, a traveler MUST complete their 14 day quarantine.


ALL travelers traveling for greater than 24 hours must fill out a travel form located here: https://forms.ny.gov/s3/Welcome-to-New-York-State-Traveler-Health-Form.


Any travel less than 24 hours to a non-contiguous state does not require a 3 day quarantine but they MUST fill out a form at the link above AND obtain a diagnostic FDA-approved test on the 4th day or later arfter arrival to New York. However, ALL TRAVERLERS MUST quarantine while awaiting test results.


Additionally, Orange County still requires that any school employee or student MUST obtain a letter of clearance from their health care provider before returning to school/work. That requirement has NOT been removed.