Orange County Health Updates Guidelines re: Quarantine

Erin Ray Pascaretti, RD, MPH, an epidemiologist with the OC Dept. of Health has provided the following regarding quarantine guidelines: 

“The Orange County Department of Health is following New York State Department of Heath guidance surrounding quarantine

Quarantine for individuals exposed to COVID-19 can end after ten days without a testing requirement if no symptoms have been reported during the quarantine period. Symptomatic individuals must continue to quarantine and contact their treating medical provider for testing and clearance. Any residents who are currently on quarantine will be transitioned in CommCare and will be notified by the contact tracers of this change after December 26th, when the guidance was published.

Please be aware that the incubation for the virus has NOT changed and up to 10% of exposed persons will become positive on day 11-14. Individuals must continue to self-monitor for symptoms and cannot return to school if they become symptomatic. With the new NYSDOH guidelines that are based on updated CDC protocols for shortened duration of quarantine, it is probable and likely that more asymptomatic individuals that are positive for COVID-19 will present to congregate settings in-person. 

It is important to note that individuals that have incubated the corona virus post-exposure (with or without a positive laboratory test) continue to be contagious, despite lack of symptoms, and may pass on the virus to others. Hence the need to continue adhering to strict COVID-19 safety protocols such as masking and social distancing, as well as proper hand hygiene, etc. 

A doctor’s note will continue to be required after individual tests positive for COVID-19, is symptomatic or is on quarantine after exposure to a positive COVID-19 individual.” 

Valley Central must follow the OC Dept of Health guidelines and policies in dealing with COVID-19 exposures.