Parents Survey Sent Out to Gather Information About Reopening to Full In-Person Instruction

There is nothing more that we at Valley Central want than to bring students back to in-person instruction five days a week.  In order to attempt to do so, we need additional information from our parents.  Please fill out the following form by the end of the day, Monday, March 8, 2021.  If your child is already attending school in person five days a week, you do not have to fill out this form.
     Our goal is to make changes on or around April 12, 2021.  If you choose 100% online instruction, you will remain in this instructional model until the end of the current school year. If you choose 5 days a week in person instruction, students will be expected to come to school each day and online lessons will not be provided. For elementary students, this could result in a change in teacher if they are now 100% online. If we are able to offer five days a week instruction, hybrid will no longer be an option. It is important to note that a change in instructional models may result in an increase in quarantines, as that guidance has not yet changed.
     Please fill out a form for each of your children attending the Valley Central School District. This will be a fluid process and will be dependent on many factors including the arrival date of barriers, staffing and any updates provided by the State and/or OCDOH. 

Here is the link to the parent survey: