Returning to 5 Days A Week Instruction – Grade 6

Valley Central Middle School will start 6th grade students attending 5 Days a week starting on MONDAY, APRIL 26, 2021.


Social Distancing for Cohorted Groups (Grade 6): Rules currently are: 

  • 6 ft. for lunch, PE and music (singing, playing instrument) 
  • 3 ft. for instructional classes (cohort)
  • Masks are required (except when eating or official mask breaks) 


Entrance Door for 6th graders: In order to maintain social distancing, we are having all 6th graders enter through the front entrance doors closest to the cafeteria (west side/parking lot side of the building) rather than the main entrance doors each morning. 


Breakfast: Students in grades 7 & 8 can continue to grab a packaged breakfast and eat in class since they are still maintaining 6 feet of distance. 6th graders will need to go to the cafeteria to eat breakfast which is right by their entrance doors. Students can grab a packaged breakfast, eat and then proceed to 1st period class. 


Desk Covers (this procedure has not changed): The custodians will continue to clean the used laminated mats from the day prior and place them in every first period class. Students will take the desk cover with them to each period of the day. At the end of the day, students will leave the desk covers in their 9th period class. 



Bells & Class Dismissal Schedule (this procedure has not changed): In order to limit the number of students in the hallways this year, we have been staggering classroom dismissal times as well as dismissal at the end of the school day. We will continue to practice this as more students return as well as no bells ringing. 

Staggered Class Dismissal Schedule for Staff & Students


Busing and Block Numbers for Students (this procedure has not changed): Updated lists have been provided to teachers to assist students with locating their bus. We do not have many bus changes and if so, parents were notified. If a student is new to the building and/or transportation, classroom teachers can assist them. Students will be dismissed by grade and team in order to provide for social distancing as students exit the building and board the buses.


Lunch Rooms: In order to accommodate the 250+ 6th graders at 6 ft. distance, we have had to add a lunch period and also additional lunch room spaces. 

  • 6th Grade Gold Team In-Person: This team will now have 4th period lunch and their academic class will be moved to 5th period. Remote students schedules will not change. Students will be given assigned seats in the Cafeteria – side A or side B. 
  • All other 6th Graders- Blue, Green, Special Education- Students will still have 5th period lunch and will be assigned a lunch area – Cafeteria Side A or Side B, the Gymnasium or a classroom. Students will be given assigned seating in these areas. 

Student cafeteria assignments will be posted to their grade level Google Classrooms prior to their return to 5-days.  Cafeteria assignments are made by team. Students need to remain on their assigned side.