Science Research Symposium 2021

What is Science Research Symposium?

This three-year program commencing during the sophomore year gives students the opportunity to participate in the community of scientific research and scholarship as part of their high school experience. Students choose and explore a topic of interest. The topic may come from the natural sciences or the social sciences. Students develop skills in using email and the web, as well as learn to conduct on-line bibliographic searches of a wide range of databases. Each year of the program requires the accomplishment of specific goals, leading to designing and conducting an original experiment, data collection and analysis, and the writing of a formal research paper. During their Senior year, students will enter their work in such competitions as the Intel Science Talent Search and the Junior Science and Humanities Symposium. Seniors also attempt to have their work published.
In addition to school credit, students may elect to gain college credit through the State University at Albany for participation in their sophomore summer, junior year, junior summer, and senior year. Science Research is taken in addition to, and not in replacement of, existing science requirements.

Facebook Album of Student Work 2021