Senior Class Trip – Canceled

From: Antoinette Oakes:
          Henry Pizzonia:
          Kayleigh Guercio:
In light of the current pandemic, we have no choice but to proceed with canceling the upcoming Senior Class Trip to Disney World. 
We are very sorry and are equally disappointed. With Disney still being closed and after speaking to the travel agent and the travel insurance company- At this time we recommend all participants contact insurance to begin a cancellation of the trip. Students will receive 75% of what they paid back through the insurance company. You need to submit the form to the insurance company MORE THAN 48 hours before the scheduled trip to file the insurance so please don’t wait. We are not able to submit these claims for you as they are in each student’s name and they are part of the package with the travel agency. Please contact them directly with any questions- information is listed below.
Travelex Insurance Services- Below is a link to the New York state certificate for the 360 Student Group Choice Plan for you to review. The section that speaks about the Cancel for Any Reason upgrade can be found on page 48.  

Location Group Number: SCGB00911 Number: 32-0510

Group Name or ID: Valley Central High school


Plan Number: SCGB-1217 Brochure Number: SCGB-1217