• Per Valley Central Policies and/ or Procedures:



    Any specific questions regarding your child or the information below, please contact Berea’s attendance office at ext. 1014.  


    1. What am I required to do if I am absent from school?

    This is a multi-tiered answer because there are some things that a student must do, a parent/guardian must do, and a teacher must do in order to ensure a student gets the proper support for an absence. As a parent/guardian, calling into the school is great, but we also need documentation when your child returns to school.

          Parent/Guardian: Call the school attendance office the day of the absence to inform them. Write a note explaining why your child was absent including the date(s), reason(s), and a signature.  For multiple days absent (three or more), a note from the doctor is also requested. This provides the District with the proper documentation for an absence. This is also a good time to request work for your child while they are out of school.

          Student: Get better. When you return to school, approach each of your teachers to request the work you missed. Make arrangements if necessary to stay after school to catch up.

          Teacher: Notify attendance office of student absence. Be prepared with missed work for the student.


    1. What is considered a reasonable excuse for missing school?

    Excused absences, also known as legal absences, are defined as absences, tardiness and early departures from class due to:

    §         personal illness

    §         illness or death in the family

    §         impassable roads or weather

    §         religious observance

    §         quarantine

    §         required court appearances

    §         attendance at health clinics

    §         school-sponsored activities

    §         approved college visits

    §         approved cooperative work programs

    §         military obligations

    §         such other reasons that may be approved by the Commissioner of Education


    1. How long should I keep my child out of school with a fever?

    We understand that our children get sick and we want them to get better and return to school as soon as possible. As a general guideline, however, we like to utilize the 24 hour rule. If your child has been fever free for 24 hours, they are generally healthy to send to school. The 24 hour rule is a great guide for most health concerns. If you have specific questions please contact the school nurse or your child’s pediatrician.


    1. Do tardies and early dismissals impact student attendance and performance?

    Yes, when a student is late or leaves early from school, they are missing instructional time. Consistent lates and/or early dismissals accumulate over time resulting in valuable classroom activities, lessons, and interactions being missed. Missed instructional time can certainly have an impact on a student’s overall academic, social, and emotional well-being and success.



    1. Why is the school sending me letters about my child’s absences when they are excused absences?

    As a part of increasing communication with parents about the importance of regular attendance, the District has made a commitment to corresponding with parents about all absences – both excused and unexcused. It is expected that students attend school at least 90% of the time. Letters are generated to parents/ guardians based upon 90% attendance.


    This threshold has been established by the Commissioner of Education as a marker for predicting success at the elementary and middle school levels. Additionally, at the high school level, students are required to attend 90% of the time (or no more than 18 absences from a full year course) in order to gain credit towards graduation.


    The important part of the message is that parents and students are made aware of the time they have missed and that every effort is made to make-up the work.


    1. What does it mean if my child is late to school?

    Late to school is based upon the start time in each building. The start times listed below indicate when a student should be in their classroom ready to go for the start of their day. Students entering the building after these times are considered late/ tardy to school.

          All Elementary Schools:        9:15AM

          Middle School:                       8:04AM

          High School:                           7:25AM


    Another way to look at it is mathematically - If you are late to school 5 minutes every day; that equals 25 minutes per week, almost 2 hours every month of missed school. That equals missing about 2 days of school each year just because you are late. Please make sure you get to school on time every day!