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    Dona nobis pacem
    Let's see who actually checks this and practices. ;) If you know it by Wednesday's rehearsal, you get a prize. (Hint: It's a canon, so everyone will be singing the same line. Learn the main phrase, and you know the whole song. Good luck!)

    O Wind!
    O wind, o wind, o wind a blowing.
    I saw you toss the kites on high, and blow the birds about the sky.
    And all around I heard you pass, like ladies skirts across the grass.
    O wind a blowing all day long, o wind that sings so loud a song
    O wind a blowing all day long, o wind that sings so loud a song.
    I saw the different things you did, but always, you yourself you hid.
    I felt you push, I heard you call, I could not see yourself at all.
    O wind a blowing all day long, o wind that sings so loud a song
    O wind a blowing all day long, o wind that sings so loud a song.
    O you that are so strong and cold, O blower, are you young or old?
    Are you a beast of field and tree, or just a stronger child than me?
    O wind, o wind, o wind a blowing.
    O wind a blowing all day long, o wind that sings so loud a song
    O wind a blowing all day long, o wind that sings so loud a song.

    Update: 1/19 
    If you are going on the Sound of Music trip (students and chaperones), please inform Mr. Cerullo or myself of your tee shirt size. The cost of the shirt was included in your trip fee, and we will be placing the order next week.

    Update: 1/3 
    There is no Select Chorus rehearsal tomorrow morning. Rehearsals will resume for the spring season on Monday, January 9th. Also, any remaining trip balance for students and chaperones should be paid off by the 30th. Please let me know if there are extenuating circumstances.
    One last note: thanks to your contributions, the Select Chorus was able to sponsor four students in need during the annual holiday drive. Thank you for your support.  

    Update: 12/13 

    Thank you for a wonderful winter season. The Select Chorus has put in a lot of work over the last few months, and it is very rewarding to watch and hear the development of our singers. Barring anymore wintery weather, we will have three more meetings before the break. Tomorrow and Monday we will be working on our spring repertoire and competition music. Next Wednesday (12/21) students are invited to bring their breakfast to the cafeteria, where we will meet before heading back to the rehearsal room to listen to our concert recording. Spring rehearsals will resume on January 9th, 2017.
    As you all know, Select Chorus plays an important role in our Valley Central community, and as such, we will be sponsoring a VC student in need for the holiday season. If your family would like to participate, I am inviting each singer to bring in one dollar which will be pooled to purchase gifts. This is a completely voluntary, though I feel important, activity.
    Again, I can not thank you enough for your support of this program and these young musicians. I wish you all a safe and happy holiday season.

    Update: 11/30
    The Select Chorus is really sounding great, and I'm looking forward to next week's performances. Here's a quick rundown on the upcoming events:
    Sunday, December 4th - Caroling at Adams Fairacre Farms in Newburgh (12:00-2:00 pm) Participants should dress comfortably and be prepared for cold weather. Please make sure all singers have a ride.
    Monday, December 5th - Winter Concert Dress Rehearsal in the VCHS Auditorium (7:15 am-3rd period) Students will head directly to the high school after arriving on campus, and will return to the middle school before the end of 3rd period. Dress in layers (temperatures in the auditorium can vary throughout the rehearsal) and wear comfortable shoes.
    Tuesday, December 6th - Winter Concert in the VCHS Auditorium (6:45 pm call, Select Chorus performs third) Students should be on the risers ready to sing at 6:45. We will have a very brief warm up before the concert begins. Concert Dress is required. (white on top, black from the waist down)
    Wednesday, December 7th - NO REHEARSAL (7th/8th Grade Concert that night)
    We will be continuing regular rehearsals through the remainder of December up until the Winter Break. The December 21st rehearsal will be a 'breakfast rehearsal'. Students may bring breakfast at 7:15 am and we will eat together in the cafeteria for the first part of rehearsal.

    Update: 11/16 
    1. Select Circle sponsorships are due this week. We will continue to accept paperwork through Monday, but the programs will go out for printing on Tuesday.
    2. Select Chorus will be caroling at Adams Fairacre Farms in Newburgh on Sunday, December 4th from 12-2 pm. This is not a mandatory performance, and students were to have discussed this with parents before signing up.
    3. Concert Night for Select Chorus and Jazz Band is Tuesday, December 6th at the VCHS Auditorium. Call for Jazz Band is 6:30 pm, for Select Chorus it is 6:45 pm.
    4. Reminder: In the event of a snow day or a two hour delay, pre session rehearsals will be cancelled.
    5. The Spring Trip is fully booked. We are awaiting deposits from a handful of students, but all slots are accounted for. If you have yet to turn in your deposit, please do so as soon as possible. If you are paying in installments, the second payment ($50) will be due the week of December 19th, with all remaining balances due the week of January 30th.
    6. Chaperones for the trip (pending Board of Ed approval) are as follows:
    • Tracy Barry
    • Melissa Cruz
    • Melissa DiMartino
    • Davin Kuenzi
    • Sonia Lewis
    • Larry Lubkert
    • Jane Malley
    • Melanie Montenora
    • John Nokland
    • Scott Rizzo
    • Celenia Roman
    • Nancy Santiago
    • Jennifer Satriano
    • Maria Shust
    • Denise Straley
    • Agata Swiderska
    • Ellen Venugopal
    • Sue Walker
    • Gabby Weinckowski

    Update: 10/30
    Due to unforeseen circumstances, there will be NO REHEARSAL tomorrow, Monday, October 30th.

    Update: 10/26
    Paperwork for the Select Chorus/Jazz Band trip was sent home this morning, along with information on the Select Circle sponsorship program. Permission slips, the attached medical form, and a $25 deposit should be returned as soon as possible to claim a spot on the bus. Chaperone seats will be assigned on a first come, first served basis. 
    The Select Circle program is the only fundraiser the Select Chorus and Jazz Band utilizes, and is a practical and relatively pain free way to support the program and our students. No one is obligated to participate, but in the past it has been a successful way for students to help subsidize their trip. 80% of the sponsorship donations your child collects will go towards their trip balance. The remainder is pooled for activities that will directly support the ensembles. 

    Update: 10/19 
    I'm pleased to announce we've locked in details regarding the April Select Chorus/Jazz Band trip. As we've done for the past several years, we will be taking our students to witness professional musicians practice their craft in a quality performing environment. This year, we will be traveling to Proctors Theater in Schenectady to see the North American touring production of Rodgers and Hammerstein's The Sound of Music. 
    The Sound of Music is a touchstone in musical theater and an important cultural artifact. I'm sure most of you are familiar with many of the songs from this show, and it will be gratifying to see them performed on stage, especially in as beautiful a space as Proctors Theater. Built in the 1920's, Proctors is listed on the National Historic Registry and is in the midst of a vibrant rejuvenation. In addition to the show, the Theater will host a question and answer session afterwards featuring members of the company and the crew. It will be a very enlightening experience for our students to behold. 
    We will be sending home a detailed itinerary of the trip next week, but here is the big picture:
    The Sound of Music
    Proctors Theater, Schenectady
    Thursday, April 6, 2017
    $125 per person
    Includes show ticket, question and answer session, coach bus transportation, lunch (Buca di Beppo Italian Restaurant, Colonie), and Select Chorus/Jazz Band tee shirt.
    We will be requiring a number of chaperones (to be determined by the number of students participating). As permission slips and deposits arrive, chaperone requests will be listed in order of receipt. Please DO NOT a request to chaperone via email. Send it in with your child's permission slip and deposit. We will notify everyone via email when we have reached our quota. 
    I would like to thank you all for being a part of our program. The faculty of the Music Department feel very strongly that our parents our integral members of our team, and with your support we can help our young musicians achieve great things. I am looking forward to a year of growth and excellent music making. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. 

    Update: 9/16 
    Congratulations to our 2016-2017 VCMS Select Chorus. Thank you to everyone who auditioned. As usual, competition was very tough and there were many difficult decisions. I'm looking forward to a great year of music from our Select Chorus, as well as from all of our other wonderful VCMS ensembles.
    New Members: First rehearsal is MONDAY, September 19th at 7:15 AM. Please see Mr. Gonzales if you need a pre session bus pass. 
    Update: 9/7
    Select Chorus auditions will take place the week of September 12th.
    Sign up sheets are now posted outside the Chorus Room. The audition will consist of singing the first verse of 'America, the Beautiful'. 6th and 7th Graders will be auditioning during pre-session, and may ride the high school bus. Please see Mr. Gonzales or Mrs. Magee for a bus pass. 8th Graders will audition during lunch. You may speak with Mr. Gonzales for alternate arrangements if necessary.
    Be prepared to meet the academic, attendance, and behavior expectations associated with membership BEFORE YOU SIGN UP FOR AN AUDITION. If you are selected but unable to meet these expectations, you will not be allowed to keep your chair.
    Please keep in mind, auditions can be stressful for everyone. It's OK to be nervous. You can reduce this feeling by being prepared. We've been practicing in rehearsal, continue to practice on your own. On the day of the audition, wake up with plenty of time to get ready. Start warming up your voice as soon as you can. Bring a book or some work to do when you are done with your audition. Sing with confidence, and enjoy yourself. Even if you are not selected for a chair, you will have gained valuable experience just by trying out.  
    There are a limited number of seats in the ensemble. Competition for these spots is historically very strong. Do the best you can, and remember there's always room to grow. All results will be posted here and outside the Chorus Room by the afternoon of September 16th. Good luck! 
    The VCMS Select Chorus is a vocal ensemble comprised of 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. In addition to our Music Department's campus concerts, Select Chorus also performs at several school and community events. Select Chorus rehearses during pre-session on Monday and Wednesdays throughout the school year.
    Membership is based on audition, and is open to any member of our classroom chorus program. Some exceptions have been made for students whose academic schedules do not have room for a classroom chorus rehearsal. Earning a chair in Select Chorus is very competitive, and maintaining membership requires a commitment. As a member of Select Chorus you must be prepared to: 
    • be consistently on time and present for rehearsals (excessive absences will result in dismissal) 
    • be prepared musically and mentally
    • maintain academic eligibility (as defined by BOE guidelines)
    • be present at performances (barring extenuating circumstances)
    • model positive behavior (as defined by the Code of Conduct, Student Handbook, and Chorus Handbook)