• 12/1/17

    There will be NO pre-session rehearsal on Monday, 12/4. Concert call is 6:30 pm at the VCHS Auditorium. 



    Select Chorus will be caroling at Adams in Newburgh on Saturday 12/2 from 12-2 pm. 


    Select Chorus auditions will take place the week of September 11th.
    Sign up sheets will be posted outside the Chorus Room on the first day of school. The audition will consist of singing the first verse of 'America, the Beautiful'. 6th and 7th Graders will be auditioning during pre-session, and may ride the high school bus. Please see Mr. Gonzales or Mr. Glodich for a bus pass. 8th Graders will audition during lunch. You may speak with Mr. Gonzales for alternate arrangements if necessary.
    Be prepared to meet the academic, attendance, and behavior expectations associated with membership BEFORE YOU SIGN UP FOR AN AUDITION. If you are selected but unable to meet these expectations, you will not be allowed to keep your chair.
    Please keep in mind, auditions can be stressful for everyone. It's OK to be nervous. You can reduce this feeling by being prepared. You will be going over the audition material in your chorus rehearsal period, but make sure to practice on your own. On the day of the audition, wake up with plenty of time to get ready. Start warming up your voice as soon as you can. Bring a book or some work to do when you are done with your audition. Sing with confidence, and enjoy yourself. Even if you are not selected for a chair, you will have gained valuable experience just by trying out.  
    There are a limited number of seats in the ensemble. Competition for these spots is historically very strong. Do the best you can, and remember there's always room to grow. All results will be posted here and outside the Chorus Room by the afternoon of September 15th. Good luck! 

    The VCMS Select Chorus is a vocal ensemble comprised of 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. In addition to our Music Department's campus concerts, Select Chorus also performs at several school and community events. Select Chorus rehearses during pre-session on Monday and Wednesdays throughout the school year.
    Membership is based on audition, and is open to any member of our classroom chorus program. Some exceptions have been made for students whose academic schedules do not have room for a classroom chorus rehearsal. Earning a chair in Select Chorus is very competitive, and maintaining membership requires a commitment. As a member of Select Chorus you must be prepared to: 

    • be consistently on time and present for rehearsals (excessive absences will result in dismissal) 
    • be prepared musically and mentally
    • maintain academic eligibility (as defined by BOE guidelines)
    • be present at performances (barring extenuating circumstances)
    • model positive behavior (as defined by the Code of Conduct, Student Handbook, and Chorus Handbook)