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Nov. 10, 2015 - Valley Central High School students explore career and college paths

Future graphic designers, forensic psychologists, and veterinarians gathered in the Valley Central High School (VCHS) gymnasium on Nov. 5 to learn more about post-high school options during the District’s annual College and Career Fair. 
Valley Central High School students at the career fair  Over 150 representatives from colleges, trade schools, community organizations and the military were present to answer students’ questions about career paths and education.  
“The College and Career Fair is fantastic,” VCHS student Melanie Washington said. “The majority of times that students go to (the) Guidance Office, they have very specific questions and get very specific information on colleges that they’re interested in. The fair gives students who don’t really know what they want to do after high school the opportunity to see what options are out there.” 
Many parents also attended the event and had the opportunity to ask questions about financial aid, class sizes, and career outlook. 
“The majority of the recruiters were able to answer most of our questions before we even had a chance to ask them,” parent Michelle Soto Vidal said. “The whole event was set up really well. It was very informative.” 
Earlier in the day, Valley Central Middle School students participated in a scaled-down version of the event. Representatives from area businesses and organizations brought hands-on displays to show for students in order to help demonstrate some of the tasks associated with a typical work day in their respective careers. 
“It’s an early exposure to a variety of career paths,” Guidance Chairperson Joe Debold said. “Eighth grade is a transitional year, and being able to see what grades and what backgrounds these colleges are looking for helps them begin to plan their high school courses and motivates them to do well.” 
“I’m confident that our district, with its dedicated teachers and diverse curriculum, has given our students the academic foundation for success for any career path they choose,” Interim Superintendent John Xanthis said. “The fair is a wonderful opportunity for our students to discover what choices are out there.”