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Nov. 13, 2015 - Valley Central High School welcomes foreign exchange students

Valley Central High School welcomes foreign exchange students
Nov 13 - For the first time in five years, two students from a study abroad program have joined the Valley Central High School student populatiostudents pose with exchange student Angelina Kwan
Angelina Kwan, of Thailand and Ronya Busse of Germany are spending the 2015-16 school year in the United States. On Nov. 10, students and teachers from the foreign language department hosted a Welcome Tea to formally introduce and get to know the two newest students. 
“Having a foreign exchange program shows our students that it’s possible to learn a new language and illustrates how beneficial it is to have that skill,” said Linda Geiger, a VCHS Spanish teacher who is also hosting Busse for the duration of her stay. 
Before arriving at Valley Central, Kwan studied in international school, and started learning and speaking English in 7th grade.
“I like to take (on) challenges and coming here is a huge challenge for me,” Kwan said. “But, I want to eventually study in America so it really is a great opportunity. A lot of things are different here – the food, the time and especially the perspectives. Americans are more open-minded.” 
According to both exchange students, VCHS students have been very welcoming, friendly and curious about other cultures. exchange student Ronya Busse poses with VCHS Spanish teacher Linda Geiger
“People aren’t as nice in Germany as they are here,” said Busse. “Other students here always ask me to sit with them and I’ve found a lot of new friends. Everyone talks to you here.”