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Feb 3 - District officials meet with DOT to discuss traffic light at VCHS

On Thursday, January 28, Valley Central School District officials met with Senator Larkin, the Department of Transportation (DOT), First Student, Inc., the district’s transportation company, and Congressman Sean Maloney’s representatives in order to facilitate the process of the installation of a traffic light at the crosswalk connecting Valley Central High School to the Dollar General store across route 17k. Representatives from Dollar General did not attend, but did send a letter expressing their support for a light. 
The DOT is currently conducting a traffic study that evaluates the traffic patterns in accordance with state and federal laws regarding new traffic light installation. They will use the results of this study to determine if current traffic patterns warrant a new light. 
In response to the district’s and the Senator’s concerns about students crossing in this area, the DOT will enhance the features of the crosswalk in order to make it safer for students to cross. These enhancements include additional signage on the road within 100 feet in both directions and more prominent markings on the crosswalk. 
At the close of the meeting, Senator Larkin asked for updates from all parties in three weeks. The district will continue to publish updates as they become available.