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March 9, 2016 - East Coldenham hosts 26th annual Founder's Night

On Wednesday, Feb. 24, students, parents, staff and administrators gathered at East Coldenham Elementary school to celebrate two Mr. Maffeo and Ms. Bromm pose with their awards  people who have made outstanding contributions to the East Coldenham community during the district’s 26th annual Founders’ Night.


Each year, two individuals are awarded with the school’s Founders’ Award and the Distinguished Service Award. The Founders’ Award acknowledges a person who has significantly impacted the students and/or staff of East Coldenham and the Distinguished Service Award is given to a previous Founders’ Award recipient who has continued to go above and beyond to support the school.



This year’s Founder recipient was Monte Maffeo. Mr. Maffeo is an alumnus of Valley Central School District. A custodian at East Coldenham, he is known by students and staff alike for his ability to give a helping hand, caring shoulder or a listening ear to anyone in need. He is a familiar face at many school events, even on his days off.   


The Distinguished Service recipient is Denise Bromm, a kindergarten teacher at East Coldenham. Mrs. Bromm has been only been working at East Coldenham for a few years, but in those years she has made quite the impression on both her students and staff. Not only is she involved in the lives of her students, she also is present at every PTA and school-sponsored events. She stays up-to-date with her previous students and is considered a role model for many new teachers.


participants in the "Reflections" art competition pose

The evening began with a showcase of artwork from the PTA-sponsored “Reflections” competition. Students submitted artwork inspired by the phrase “let your imagination fly.”




East Coldenham Elementary School’s “Reflections” participants:


1. Raymond Mock

2. Thomas Hill

3. Steven Felizzi

4. Natalie Weddell

5. Layla Kugler

6. Ava Kugler

7. Ryan McGuirk

8. Colin McGuirk

9. Andrew Waite

10. Levi McCarley

11. Jayden Hults

12. Jonna Jurgens

13. Ariana Estela

14. Ayden Copertino

15. Arianna Toral

16. Andrew Begley

17. Madison Jewett

18. Matthew Orphal

19. Savannah Sullivan

20. Brooke Bradatsch

21. Keira Hall

22. Jade Schaefer

23. Olivia Herb

24. Jason Ferrara

25. Claire Stevens

26. Sarah Lapierre

27. Sydney Hein

28. Hannah Lapierre

art work submitted by "reflections" participants