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April 6, 2016 - Montgomery Elementary School students enjoy author visit

The Montgomery Elementary School (MES) staff and students were captivated when author, poet and humorist Brian P. Cleary author brian cleary visited montgomery elementary students  visited the school as part of the MES PTA’s “Pick a Reading Partner” program.  

Students showed up wearing bowties – a signature attire choice of Mr. Cleary and eagerly greeted him in the hallways as he toured the school.  The children’s author, also known as the “Word Nerd”, began his visit by attending a staff meet-and-greet breakfast in the school’s library. 


As an author, Brian P. Cleary specializes in encouraging students to see the wonder in words. He explained to students that even though he was once a frustrated student and reluctant learner, he is back in the classroom to share his love of language with students.   Mr. Cleary conducted several assemblies, read to kindergarten students, and provided an interactive poetry workshop for our fourth graders.  The students in the workshop wrote a sensory poem under the direction of Mr. Cleary.  Several students were then selected to read their poem to him and he then autographed their work.