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May 26, 2016 - "Just Say Yes" to pizza

When Orange County’s District Attorney, David Hoovler asked Montgomery Elementary School’s Drug Abuse Resistance the DARE graduating class poses  Education’s (DARE) graduating class who coined the slogan “Just Say No,” he was surprised to hear a young voice call out, “Nancy Reagan.” Fifth-grade student Anna Berenson got the answer correct, and unknowingly earned herself and her classmates a pizza party.


Mr. Hoovler was so impressed by the answer that he and Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus, promised the students a pizza party to celebrate their enthusiasm for the program. On May 26, Mr. Hoovler and Mr. Neuhaus, alongside Montgomery Village Police Chief Steve Walsh, DARE police officer Jack Smith, and Montgomery Mayor/Chair of County Legislature Stephen Brescia delivered (no pun intended) on that promise, and the fifth-grade class enjoyed a pizza party in the school’s cafeteria.


“My favorite part of DARE is Officer Jack,” Anna said. “He’s funny, he’s nice and he teaches you to say ‘no’ and stand up for yourself.”