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Aug. 1 2016 - Code of Conduct and Plain Language Summary available online

Valley Central School District’s Code of Conduct is the district’s official policy guide regarding expected student behavior. However, because the Code of Conduct is a legal document designed to support legislative mandates, it can be difficult to interpret and understand in terms of a specific incident or a particular consequence. Therefore, the district has developed the “Plain Language Summary” to outline behavior expectations and consequences in a more easily understood manner. This document is included in the district’s annual newsletter, The Viking Press, as well as included in the student handbook which is distributed to students at the beginning of the school year. 



The documents are also available online, at the following links: 
2016-2017 Code of Conduct
2016-2017 Plain Language Summary 

"A safe and orderly school is crucial to creating a supportive learning environment in which students can thrive academically and socially," Interim Superintendent of Schools John Xanthis said. "We believe that students who are knowledgeable about behavioral expectations are empowered to make positive choices and learn critical life lessons about the link between actions and consequences."



Cooperation between parents and school staff is essential in creating a productive learning environment. Please familiarize yourself the Plain Language Summary, and take the time to review the guidelines with your children so that they are prepared to begin a positive, successful school year.



We hope these policies help clarify the district’s expectations for school behavior. Should you have any questions regarding student behavior or discipline, please contact the principal or assistant principal of the school which your child attends.