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Sept. 29 - East Coldenham Elementary School Combats Bullying

puppets from the "Helping Drew" puppet show  East Coldeham Elementary School takes the issue of bullying very seriously.  In order to educate students about bullying, and strategies to handle bullying, the school partakes in various events throughout the year.
This week, all of the students at EC watched a puppet show entitled, “Helping Drew”, presented by Up In Arms.  Helping Drew is an interactive musical puppet show with an anti-bullying message perfect for elementary school students. The program helps students to recognize bullying and look for solutions within themselves and with the help of others.  Teachers were provided with conversation starters and activities to use with students after the presentation.
East Coldenham Elementary students watch the "Helping Drew" puppet show  As the year proceeds, Grade 2-5 students will also partake in an anti-bullying workshop presented by Principal, Marianne Serratore and Student Assistance Counselor, Allie Riker.  In addition, K-1 students will be presented with interactive "read-alouds" centering on this theme.