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Nov. 2, 2016 - Pumpkins - not just for jack-o-lanterns!

students measure a pumpkin's height  Students in Mrs. Herman’s kindergarten class at Berea Elementary School participated in a fun math lesson using some props that are plentiful this time of year – pumpkins!


On “Pumpkin Math Day,” fifth-grade mathmaticians and parent helpers assisted the kindergarten students with solving math problems using the pumpkins. Students weighed the pumpkins, used unifix cubes to measure the height of their pumpkin and measured each pumpkin’s circumference. Using these measurements, they hypothesized whether their pumpkins would sink or float in a pumpkin of water and then tested their predictions by placing the pumpkins in a bucket of water.


The kindergarten students recorded their discoveries on data sheets, and discussed their findings at the end of the event.