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Dec. 14, 2016 - Flamingos sighted throughout Valley Central School District

What would you think if you awoke to a flock of pink flamingos on your front lawn? If you live in the Valley Central community, unless someone had smuggled a crate of these tropical birds up from Florida (with portable space heaters, we’d hope), chances are you’ve been “flocked.
flamingos on Superintendent Xanthis' lawn “Flocking” is arguably one of the district’s most fun fundraisers – the flocking elves arrive after the sun has gone down and leave a gaggle of pink flamingo lawn ornaments on the unsuspecting “victim's” yard alongside an invitation to designate the next “flockee” in exchange for a donation to the district’s All-Night Grad Party.  The cycle continues as classmates, friends, and even staff members “flock” one another. Even our very own Superintendent John Xanthis isn’t immune – rumor has it that the flock recently migrated over to Goshen to surprise him.
Does a flock of pink flamingos sound like the perfect holiday gift for someone in your life? Contact the All-Night Grad Party’s fundraising committee on Facebook to request a flocking – suggested donation is $20. All donations support the “All-Night Grad Party,” a Valley Central tradition that provides a safe, sober and fun celebration for our graduation senior students. 
flamingo ornaments on lawn   a student poses next to flamingo ornaments