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Jan. 12, 2017 - The Vibrant Volunteers of VCHS

- submitted by VCHS Volunteer Club Member and VCHS Student, Kim Vu 

members of the volunteer club pose during a fundraising event  The VCHS Volunteer Club has been advised by Mrs. Blaine for 15 years, and during that time, has gained a considerable reputation around the surrounding community. Event coordinators around the Hudson Valley know that they can turn to the Volunteer Club if they need help. Just this year, 25 community events have asked for the help of the club’s members. These teenagers babysit children during events in the elementary schools, set up and clean up during craft fairs, and help run fundraisers at Barnes and Noble. The members are required to have a minimum of ten hours of service by the end of the first semester, but many go beyond that, already having thirty or more hours under their belts. The overall total amount of hours for the whole club is approximately 700 hours for the current 67 members, all collected during a period of only three and a half months. The members of this club are some of the most involved and dedicated students, some even being selected to receive the Walden Women’s Club Youth Community Service Award. These VCHS volunteers make us #VCProud.