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Feb. 1, 2017 - MES students throw kindness like confetti

the kindness wall Since 2004, schools throughout the nation have celebrated “No Name Calling Week” in January. The movement, inspired by a teen novel called, “The Misfits,” aims to end name-calling and bullying through activities and dialogue. 
At Montgomery Elementary School, students celebrated the week by creating a wall display entitled: “Throw Kindness Like Confetti.” With a generous donation of post-it notes from the Staples Distribution Center in Montgomery, each grade level was assigned a different color and students wrote words of kindness or their own definition of kindness on the notes. They then were asked to stick the notes to the wall, creating a colorful reminder to the entire school community to be kind.  
a post it note reads "Kindness makes the world a better place"  a post it note reading "A smile goes a long way"  a post it note reads "your actions show what's in your heart"  a post it note reads "kindness is helping everyone"