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March 9, 2017 - Orville Wright and Galileo walk into a cafeteria…

a student dresses up as Orville Wright  It may sound like an impossibility, but it actually happened at Walden Elementary School on Friday, February 10. Fifth-grade students participated in a “Living Museum” as part of their social studies curriculum. They researched a historical figure, created props, visual aids and costumes and then took on the role of that character for the event. Fifth-grade families walked through the school’s gym and cafeteria, stopping to ask students questions with the students answering in character.
“A project like this that takes a traditional project like a book report to the next level creates a lasting impression in our students’ young minds,” Walden Elementary School Principal Greg Heidemann said. “It’s a perfect example of how our talented teachers are constantly seeking innovative ways to engage our students and develop an attitude of excitement towards learning.”