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March 9, 2017 - East Coldenham students celebrate differences

East Coldenham Elementary School’s Character Education Committee hosted Mr. Faizool Ali on Thursday, March 9. A below the students circle Mr. Ali during the presentation  knee amputee, Faiz is two-time member of the National Wheelchair Basketball Association All-Star team and also a member of the New York Rollin' Knicks where his team is ranked #1.  He is also currently the Director and Adaptive Sports Coordinator for Ali Adaptive Sports, a sports program servicing physically disabled youth.  EC students and staff learned about the different types prosthetic limbs, how an amputee manages in everyday life, and how wheelchair basketball is played. 


“One of the goals of the Character Education program is to foster a culture of acceptance,” said Allie Riker, East Coldenham’s Student Assistance Counselor and the Character Education program's chairperson. “Faiz impressed upon our students the importance of empathy and kindness upon meeting anyone who has a physical disability.