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Basic Skills Classes Take on Recycling at VCHS

At VCHS the Basic Skills classes have an in-house vocational program which is called VC Helpers. VC Helpers includes a Recycling Program, the Sweet Treat Cafe, library assistant, copy delivery, and cafeteria kitchen helper. 
The recycling program collect an average of 600 recyclables every week. in 2017-18 over 10,000 bottles and cans were recycled. The bottles and cans collected are taken to Bottle Depot for the deposits. The money earned from the bottle deposits go towards assisting a 12th grader in the Basic Skills program with a senior year expense such as a yearbook, prom ticket, and cap and gowns. 
At the beginning of the school year, staff signed up to house recycling baskets in their classrooms and offices. The students go around the school once a week and collect the bottles and cans from the baskets. On Fridays, we have a recycling system where students are assigned jobs as sorters or baggers. Students who are sorters have a “Yes” basket and “No” basket and sort the bottles and cans into what can and cannot be recycled for a deposit. Any recyclables collected that cannot be returned to the Bottle Depot are taken home by teacher Holly Siegel and paraprofessional Ellen Sanchez where they place them in their recycling pick-up. 
According to teacher Holly Siegel, it is the third year of the recycling program and it’s grown tremendously! The participation of the faculty and staff at the high school has been amazing. We currently have 61 baskets housed throughout the school.

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