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Math Around VC

Montgomery kids playing math games

Mrs.Legare and Mrs.Jurgen's second graders at Montgomery Elementary had a little Friday morning math fun by playing an addition game called “Remover”. What a fun way to practice making tens to a hundred!!

Berea Computer Lab

3rd through 5th graders in Berea have been working on STEAM modules with Mr. Leo. They have been learning keyboarding coding, electronics and robotics and engineering.

STEAM Enrichment EC

5th Grade students during STEAM Enrichment after school at EC worked on creating and programming a prosthetic hand to move objects around. They tested their program to make sure their hand was as functional as possible.

Lucky Charms Math Lab

In Mrs. Crowe's 7th grade math class, students did a Lucky Charms Lab to determine if the ratio between marshmallows and cereal pieces is proportional between all the different sizes available.

Art Math Symmetry


In Art, Ms. Elliot teaches the art and math principle of symmetry using a snowflake.

Math Mania at WES

After being served delicious pizza donated by the WES PTO, students and their parents played math games and activities that helped build number sense, challenged their math thinking and tested their perseverance! An enjoyable evening was had by all!

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