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The Wesenberg Family Honored at PTA Council Founder's Night

All four members of the Wesenberg family; Mel, Carolyn, Sonia and Jada, were honored at the PTA Founder's Night on Tuesday, March 5th.  The Wesenbergs' were recognized for their contribution to the district which span fifteen years.  Carolyn Wesenberg explained that she could have never imagined how many opportunities would be realized for her daughters over the years.  The Wesenbergs' have always lended a helping hand, including that evening when Carolyn added her homebaked Red Velvet Oreo Cupcakes to the reception table. 

Additionally, Kylie Butcher of VCMS was honored with a RIGHT Award for her random act of kindness creating over 300 kind notes which she put on 6th grade lockers.  She did this all on her own.  Taylor Esposito of VCHS was also honored with a RIGHT Award for her work in ensuring that contact information for anyone dealing with sexual assault was available at all times in both the men's and women's bathrooms throughout the school.  She checks on the information constantly to be certain it is available. 

Emily Librandi and Quinn Robinson were recognized as runners up for the RIGHT awards.  Both were recognized for their work on Special Olympics. 

The Wesenberg Family


RIGHT Award Recipients