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Traffic, Safety and STEAM Bond Vote- August 20, 2019

The Valley Central Board of Education is proposing a construction bond called the  Traffic, Safety and STEAM Bond. 

The proposed bond will be $22.7 million dollars.  It will: 


  • Redesign the Traffic entrance/exit at the High School/ Middle School complex to align with the NYS DOT traffic light(s) installation to address congestion and safety concerns. 
  • Purchase property adjacent to the Middle School to provide for additional parking space and additional room for district program initiatives
  • Redesign the Traffic System and Parking at Montgomery Elementary School to address congestion and student/pedestrian safety concerns and improve the flow of traffic.
  • Address Safety Systems at Berea, EC and Walden Elementary updating outdated fire alarm, wiring and audio systems. 
  • Address Air Quality issues in the Pool and Middle School 
    • The Dehumidification and Air Exchange System at the Pool has proven to be inadequate and is causing air quality concerns.
    • The VCMS Cafetorium is the largest space in the building to hold students and hosts many events.  Installing a cooling system in this space will provide an area for that building which houses about nine hundred students (similar to the auditorium at the HS). 
  • Build a STEAM Classroom/Lab space at the High School that will be a flexible space for  STEAM education in Science, Art, Mathematics as well as English and Social Studies. It will be a Makerspace which promotes creativity, innovation and collaboration from high tech to no tech. 
    • It will include a greenhouse as a living, breathing classroom where students will be able to work within various content areas and at various levels. 
    • The building will include an outside lavatory facilities eliminating the need to pay rent for lavatory facilities for the many events at the athletic fields and stadium- including graduation.  It will also contain a concession stand that will meet SED building requirements.  


A public presentation of the capital project bond will be held on July 22, 2019 at 6:30 PM at the Administration Building, 944 Rte. 17K, Montgomery NY 12549


The vote for the capital project bond will be Tuesday, August 20, 2019 from 6AM to 9PM at Valley Central High School, 1175 Rte. 17K, Montgomery NY 12549 

  • To vote on the Traffic, Safety and STEAM Capital Bond, you must be: 

        A US Citizen, a School District resident for at least 30 days and at least 18 years of age by August 20, 2019.

  • Applications for absentee ballots are available in the Office of the District Clerk and online:  For more information, call 457-2400, Ext. 18123

A Public Hearing regarding the Traffic,Safety and STEAM Capital Bond will be held Monday, August 12, at 5:30 PM at the Administration Building, 944 Rte. 17K, Montgomery, NY 12549. 

Registration Day will be Tuesday, August 13, 2019 from 3PM to 7PM at the Administration Building, 944 Rte. 17K, Montgomery, NY 12549.