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Elementary Report Cards to Change Format

The elementary schools will now operate on a trimester calendar, as opposed to quarters. A trimester schedule provides a number of instructional benefits, including the following:
More time for students to learn and demonstrate proficiency within a grading period.
More time for teachers and parents to collaborate, identify and address areas of concern during the grading period.
More time for teaching and learning, due to the reduced time required for formal assessment at the end of a grading period with fewer grading periods. 
More flexibility for teachers to pace the curriculum and ensure student understanding.

The first trimester will end on November 15th.
The second trimester will end on March 6th. 
The third trimester will end on June 19th.

New Elementary Report Card
A team of district-wide elementary teachers and administrators worked together to develop a new standards based elementary report card. There have been some significant changes. 
There will be a District-Wide Report Card Informational Meeting at Montgomery Elementary School on October 2nd at 6:30 p.m. All district parents and guardians are welcome!