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VCSD Graduation Rate Soars

Valley Central Graduation Rate Soars beyond NYS Average


The Valley Central School District  graduation rate for the class of 2019 was 94.4% for all of the students who were educated at VCSD,  including the August graduates according to high school principal, Jayme Ginda-Baxter. The graduation rate for Valley Central in 2018 was 92%. The graduation rate for all students educated at VCSD is slightly higher than the graduation rate reported by New York State because when the state publishes the graduation rate it includes VC students who are educated outside of the district. 

Valley Central continues to be well above the New York State graduation rate of 80% and even surpasses the Orange County graduation rate of 86%.  

Deputy Superintendent Michael Bellarosa attributes the success of the Valley Central graduates to the hard work of the employees at every level of the district.  

“This is a team effort by all of the people in our schools who know that the work they do impacts the children that we serve.  A part of our Strategic Plan formulated three years ago is for Valley Central to be in the top five districts of the county on major indicators.  This graduation rate is certainly evidence that we are meeting this goal.” stated Bellarosa. 

Valley Central has many programs to assist students to meet graduation standards including an Alternative Learning Center (ALC) at Maybrook that serves students who have difficulty even going to school. The ALC at Maybrook has consistently produced graduates who may not have achieved a diploma if that program didn’t exist.  The school district also has an evening high school program, a summer school program and a credit recovery program that assists students with the goal of graduation. 

Valley Central High School Principal, Jayme Ginda-Baxter attributes a strong freshman year to the continual graduation rate achievement.  

“I attribute our increased graduation rate, which has steadily increased over the last nine years, to a number of factors including a strong focus on success during the freshman year, but also to a culture where students and families feel safe and connected. The research shows that students who do not achieve enough academic credits in their freshmen year are more at risk to not graduate but equally as important is that students have an adult that they can connect with in schools for greater chances of success. Even prior to the NYS SEL requirements, VCHS has been actively seeking ways to connect with students so that they feel safe and a part of something in order to gain motivation for academic success. ” stated Ginda-Baxter.