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VCHS Pep Rally and Powder Puff Canceled due to Weather

A message from Jayme Ginda-Baxter, VCHS Principal:

In an attempt to make things work for the students who participate in the annual Homecoming Powder Puff and Pep Rally Events the VCHS the school team worked today to schedule the event earlier in the day since there was no rain date available this week due to a number of factors including a shortened school week. Our announcements to students and staff this afternoon was that we would host this event during the school day, however, due to numerous conflicts, we are canceling the Powder Puff and Pep Rally events for tomorrow and will look to reschedule them sometime in the future when hopefully the community and students can all participate.

With this said we will work to look for an evening date that will work with coordinating between the Athletic department, Class Advisors, the Student Government Association, the District calendar, as well as coordinating chaperones. Since there are many moving pieces, we will notify students, parents and staff when this event has been rescheduled as we attempt to meet the needs of as many stakeholders as possible and so that the students of the Class of 2020 can have a memorable occasion. Please note this will not be possible to take place on an evening night this week so we will look to reschedule as soon as possible.