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VCSD Considers A Long Range Approach to Referendum

The Capital Project involving the redesign of the HS/MS traffic flow and other items was discussed by the Board of Education on October 15, 2019.  John Xanthis,  Superintendent reported that Brad Conklin, Interim School Business Official had contacted the Department of Transportation and the DOT clarified that beginning the traffic light project in November 2020 means the paperwork will start then, but groundbreaking is not likely until spring 2021.  This would give the district more time to do the work needed at the HS/MS complex to coordinate the flow of traffic with the DOT changes and improve the current patterns. Mr. Conklin stated that it may even be possible to have the DOT do some of the work that the architects have designated to the district if we are able to align our work with theirs. 

After consultation with Deputy Superintendent, Michael Bellarosa and Brad Conklin, Mr. Xanthis is recommending that the BOE consider a smaller referendum that would address the traffic flow at the MS/HS complex and a building project, such as the Pool Dehumidification System, since a building project must be attached to the parking lot project in order to secure full state aid for the capital project.  The Superintendent recommended that a proposition for that work may be put to a public vote along with the school budget in May 2020.  

Mr. Xanthis then recommended that the District form a Facilities Committee headed by Mr. Conklin and Director of Facilities, Ryan Schmidt with members from the BOE, district staff, and the community to consider a plan for facilities and future capital projects. Mr. Xanthis recommended meeting with financial advisors to consider the recommendations on the capital project.  Sarah Messing, BOE President, and BOE Vice-President, Joe Bond agreed that the BOE should wait to hear from the financial advisors before moving forward.