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EC Part of Town Of Newburgh Water Main Break


We have just been informed that the water main break in the Town of Newburgh has been resolved. We are sending all the students, faculty and staff back to East Coldenham to finish the day and are presently in transit. 
Arrangements have been made for students to eat lunch at EC. 
If you need to pick up your child before regular dismissal time today, we ask that you please wait until 12:45 pm when we anticipate the entire school to have been transported back to EC. 
ALL After school activities at EC have been cancelled today, including the Healthy Kids after school care program. 
Thank you for your patience and understanding today.

At about 8:15 am on Thursday morning, 1/17/19, the Town of Newburgh Dept. of Public Works notified the VCSD that there was a water main break along the 17K corridor which would mean the water would be turned off to homes and businesses in the area.  East Coldenham Elementary School is part of the affected area. The District was informed that it is at least a 3 hour repair.


The VCSD Administration decided to send the EC students, faculty and staff to the VCHS Auditorium which is large enough to house the entire school without impeding on the HS.  The students are with their teachers and other staff members and are able to be fed there as well.


“We didn’t want to send the kids back home, because of three things-

First and foremost, we don’t know if anyone would be home and we don’t want to send elementary kids home to an empty house,

Second; we aren’t sure how long the repair will take- if it is fixed in a few  hours we don’t want to lose a day of instruction,

Third; we know they will be warm and safe and all together with their teachers at the auditorium.”  Superintendent John Xanthis explained.


Ryan Schmidt, Head Custodian for the District is in touch with the Town of Newburgh DPW and monitoring the situation.  We will re-assess the situation as we receive information so we can let parents know how we will proceed with the day.


Thank you for your patience and understanding.


East Coldenham facade