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Walden Elementary's Stacia DeSantis to be honored with an award for Teaching Excellence by Mid-Hudson School Study Council

Mrs. Stacia DeSantis, a first grade teacher at Walden Elementary School, will be recognized by the Mid-Hudson School Study Council (MHSSC) with an award of "Teaching Excellence" on May 2, 2019.  This award is a tribute to the outstanding service in the field of educational instruction.  The  MHSSC annual recognized teachers across the region who have demonstrated excellence in achieving the educational mission of their school at the district or the campus level.  

Mrs. DeSantis has been with the Valley Central School District for twenty-five years. She is described Walden Elementary Principal, Greg Heidemann as a kind person who wants to help students and colleagues alike and treats every child as if they were her own. He says she is "a wonderful person and model educator".  

Mrs. Carolyn Wesenberg attributed her daughter's choice to pursue a career in teaching to Mrs. DeSantis' work.  She was Jada's teacher in first grade and invited her back in 7th grade to read to her classes.  Jada struggled with reading but this experience helped her to embrace reading and teaching and has inspired her to pursue a degree in elementary education. 

Likewise, another parent, Mrs. Stephanie Freeman, described Mrs. DeSantis with attributes of kindness, friendliness and positivity which helped her twin daughters transform from shy to confident during the course of the year with Mrs. DeSantis.  She went out to describe Mrs. DeSantis as patient, inviting and inspiring and said that Mrs. DeSantis helped her girls develop a love of learning in the year they spent with her.  

These same sentiments were echoed by Mrs. Amy Fontana whose two children had Mrs. DeSantis in first grade.  Mrs. Fontana credits her children's strong education foundation to Mrs. DeSantis' work.  

Mrs. DeSantis represents the very best of teaching and we are proud that the MHSSC chose to recognize her for her Teaching Excellence. 

Stacey DeSantis

Mrs. DeSantis in the classroom