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VCHS Mock Disaster Drill- May 1, 2019

VCHS Mock Disaster 2019: The VCHS Senior Class watched the Mock Disaster Drill this afternoon just days before their Senior Ball. 
A long standing tradition at VCHS, students listened to a speaker who described the pain of losing loved ones in a tragedy that could have been prevented. After, they take a seat on bleachers in front of a mock car accident. While the students portraying the accident are actors from the school's drama club, the first responders are real Town of Montgomery Police Officers and the Town of Montgomery Ambulance Volunteer EMT's, Volunteer Firemen from the Montgomery, Walden, Coldenham and Maybrook fire departments. Eventually OC Coroner, Joe Horan comes by to pronouce one student dead and remove him by hearse.

The entire drill was narrated powerfully by Anthony Trapini who powerfully urged the students to make adult decisions and remember that someone who loves them wants them to come back home. He even pointed out that cell phones distraction is just as impairing to driving as is driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. As the hearse pulls away Trapini begged students to not let that happen to them.

VC is grateful to have the kind of caring community that has made this presentation possible each year for our Senior class.


Facebook Live Video of Mock Disaster


VCHS Mock Disaster

Mock Disaster