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Top Students of the Class of 2019

Valley Central High School - Top Students of the Class of 2019


Brianna Wallace:

Brianna Wallace Brianna has taken part in most honor societies ( National Honor Society, Alpha Pi Math Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, Science Honor Society, English Honor Society, Tri-M Music Honor Society, NART Honor Society, and Rho Kappa History Honor Society ). And for the past two years Brianna has been the Treasurer of Rho Kappa, enjoying every minute of it. Brianna is  a clarinetist in the VC Pep Band, and has been a member of the Volunteer Club. Outside of school Brianna enjoys horseback riding and volunteering at Orange Regional Medical Center in my free time.

Brianna will be attending the University of Pittsburgh intending to double-majoring in Chemistry and Biology with a minor in Spanish. After Undergrad, she plans to go to medical school on the way to becoming a pediatrician.  

In the future Brianna hopes to touch the lives of those she comes in contact with. Brianna has always had a passion for the STEM fields and she looks forward to studying these topics for the next few years. Brianna specifically wants to become a pediatrician to work with children of all ages and their families, successfully combining her love for the field with her love of interacting with others. Brianna also hopes to contribute medical research in the future by finding cures for some of the worlds' most detrimental diseases and disorders. Brianna says that she doesn’t know exactly what the future holds for her, but she will do what she can to make it count in any way she can.

Brianna said she will remember Valley Central for the connections she has with everyone around her; talking to Mr. Mike in the hallways about how our days have gone, helping her friends when they needed comfort after going through difficult times, and more. The Music Department will forever hold a special place in her heart and at this point, she says that band has become her second family. From competition trips, concerts, life lessons with Mrs. Budryk, to hearing Mr. Walker yell out "Bus Passes!" in a silly voice after pep band, she will never forget what music has done for her  and how it pushed her to finish high school strong. Brianna’s teachers have also been very special to her; Mrs. Sexton is the reason she wants to major in Chemistry, Sra. Creter is why she wants to continue studying Spanish, Mrs. Quitoni is responsible for her love of math, and each of her teachers have helped her explore her passions and decide what she wants to do with her life and how she can influence others positively with even just a smile. While not every moment of the past four years has been perfect, she says she wouldn't change a thing.




Matthew O’Brien


matthew O'Brien During High School, Matt has been an active member of Gradus Honoris and several honor societies including Math, Science, and Spanish. He was a member of both the Junior and Senior Class Council and also was on the Track team for several seasons.

Matt will be attending the University of Albany and will be majoring in Digital Forensics.

His goal is to obtain his Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Forensics from the University of Albany and then enter the workforce shortly after for either a private company or the FBI.

Matt says he will remember all the amazing memories he made and the friendships he will cherish forever. Matt said while he made sure he kept up on school,  he made sure High School was a time for him to try new things and have a lot of fun.

Cheyanne Sharp

Cheyanne Sharp At Valley Central, Cheyanne has been a member of the Math Team and several Honor Societies, including Gradus Honoris as the Vice President. Throughout junior and senior year, Cheyanne has also attended weekly classes at Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine as a mentee under the MedAchieve program. Outside of school, Cheyanne has volunteered as a wildlife photographer for the Mohonk Preserve and volunteered at Vassar Brothers Medical Center.

Cheyanne will be attending Stony Brook University as a biology major on a medical track.

Cheyanne  plans to continue her education by attending medical school. She hopes to pursue a career in medicine as a surgeon or anesthesiologist.

As Cheyanne continues my journey throughout college and my career, she says she will always remember Valley Central because of the everlasting bonds that she has made there. Cheyanne has made invaluable friendships that will last a lifetime and memories that will always hold a special place in her heart. Leaving high school, Cheyanne says she is also extremely grateful for the amazing teachers who have shaped her as a student and as a person.

Stephanie Signorella

Stephanie Signorella During high school, Stephanie has been involved in Volunteer Club, Photography Club, Interact, and For the Animals as well as being a member of the Math Team. Stephanie is  Co-President of the Science Honor Society and Secretary of Gradus Honoris while also being a member of several other honor societies.


Stephanie will be attending Binghamton University in the fall and will study psychology. Stephanie said that she is not certain of where the future will take her, but she hopes to find a career that helps her make a difference in people’s lives. She aims to find what fills her with joy and be able to pursue it fully.

One of the most memorable aspects of high school for Stephanie is the amount of people that she has  met who have changed her for the better. Stephanie says that every teacher she had and every new friend she made shaped her in one way or another and she has learned countless lessons along the way. Stephanie says that she will never forget the change that high school brought to her.

Erin Gillette

Erin Gillette During her time at the high school, Erin was deeply involved in the performing arts department. She participated in the musical productions from sophomore through senior year, sang in the Voxtones Acapella Ensemble, played in the Pep Band, and was quite active as Co-President of the Tri-M Music Honor Society. Additionally, Erin has been involved in the production of the Revelations literary magazine since freshmen year, served as Junior Class President, and Dean of both Student Government Association and Gradus Honoris.


In the fall, Erin will be attending Rochester Institute of Technology to study Aerospace Engineering.


After college, Erin hopes to work for either NASA or a prominent engineering company such as SpaceX.   Her passion has always been to transform my fascination with outer space and love for mathematics into the dream job of astronaut.


Looking back, Erin says she has cherished becoming a member of the close-knit family that resides in the music wing.  For four years she has sung, played, acted and danced alongside people that have turned into her closest friends. Erin said “Without a doubt the music department has been a second home for me;  a place where I could express my passion for the performing arts and truly be myself. The memories I've created with this family will last a lifetime.”

Gavin Shust


Gavin Shust During high school Gavin has been Co-President of the Science Honor Society, and President of Math Honor Society.  Gavin has played Varsity Lacrosse and Varsity Soccer. Gavin also has served as a Pianist at Most Precious Blood Parish.


In the fall, Gavin will be attending the University of Notre Dame majoring in Chemistry.

After graduating from Notre Dame, Gavin hopes to attend medical school with aspirations to become a doctor.


As he gets ready to graduate from Valley Central, Gavin said, “I will always remember the great friends that gave me four years of laughs and love, the extraordinary teachers that I couldn’t have succeeded without, and all the small things that made my time in high school worthwhile.”

Sophia Martinez

Sophia Martinez Sophia ran cross country, indoor, and outdoor track during high school. She is a member of  various honor societies, as well as the volunteer club. Outside of school, Sophia volunteers to give back to the community, and she has also participated in a private track club. Sophia works at the Mainline Diner and she feels this has help her  to develop a good work ethic.

Sophia will be attending Binghamton University and plans to study in the field  of math or science.

Sophia’s reflection on her high school years have led her to believe that she will always remember the teachers who have impacted her life.

“Thanks to Mrs. Q, I have discovered my love for math. I will miss the simplicity of being able to see my friends that I have grown up with everyday. I am grateful for the opportunities that high school has given me.” Sophia said.

Grace Barry

Grace Barry Grace is  a member of Gradus Honoris National Honor Society, Math Honor Society, English Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, and Science Honor Society. This year Grace also took part in Unified Basketball.

Grace plans to attend Northeastern University and study electrical engineering. She hopes to use her engineering degree to make a positive impact on the world, but she isn’t  sure yet on the specific ways in which she will do that but looks forward to figuring it out. .

Grace says she will always remember how remarkable and caring both the teachers and students have been throughout high school.

“The support I have received from everyone in the school community will remain with me forever.” said Grace Barry.  

Nathan Wasserman

Nathan Wasserman Nathan is a member of Gradus Honoris, the Math Honor Society and the Science Honor Society.  He is also a member of the Math Team. He has been part of the Unified Basketball program and is a member of the Varsity Golf team.


Nathan plans to study Mechanical Engineering at RPI next year and is hoping that his career in engineering will help him to have a positive impact on his community.  

When asked what Nathan would remember most about high school, he quickly replied, “The friendships.”