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Great Grandmother shares her love of the beach with a Berea Kindergarten class

The Berea kindergarten students in Mrs. Herman's class explored seashells and shark teeth, brought to them by Lucas Colom's grandmother and great grandmother. Lucas's grandmother, Kathy Griffin, shared with the children that her mom lives near the ocean in Florida. Lillian Ross, Lucas's great grandmother, combs the beaches in search of magnificent seashells and shark teeth. Each child was presented with a collection of shells and shark teeth. The students eagerly explored their shells and shark teeth. Ms. Griffin and Ms. Ross shared a display of the types of shells and shark teeth with the children. The students matched their shells to the display board to discover the types of shells and shark teeth in their collections. The children were so excited to take their collections home so that they may continue to add to their collections of shells and shark teeth! Thank you Ms. Ross and Ms. Griffin for such a lovely learning experience!

Kindergartner matching seashells

Students receiving seashells

Great Grandmom teachers students about shells and shark teeth