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A Dad Joins His Daughter's Moving Up Ceremony From Overseas

5th Grade Moving Up is an emotional moment for a parent as they watch their child move from Elementary to Middle School. It can be tough enough to hold back the tears sitting in the room, how much harder it must be to be half a world away?
Tech Sgt. John LaPierre of the 105th Air Wing from Stewart Air National Guard has been separated from his family since January. His daughter, Sarah LaPierre moved up at EC yesterday. Sgt. LaPierre was able to watch the whole ceremony as Sarah joined her classmates in singing and receiving awards. Sgt LaPierre was able to watch all the festivities in real time. Sgt. LaPierre's other daughter, Hannah, moved up with the 8th grade class on Monday. 
The children of East Coldenham collected supplies that were shipped to Sgt. LaPierre earlier in the year. He will return home in 30 days. 
As Principal Dan McDonald said to the audience at EC's Moving Up," We thank Sgt. LaPierre and all the members of the armed forces, past and present, for your service."

Sgt LaPierre joins EC Moving Up

EC 5th Graders at Moving Up Day