Statement About Conversations Regarding Racism, Discrimination and Social Activism

The District is aware that many conversations are occurring in the news, on social media and via other outlets regarding racism, discrimination and social activism. The current issues facing the country are, of course larger than just Valley Central School District, and something at the forefront of our collective consciousness. We were also made aware that some social media posts that were originally posted several years ago have resurfaced online and are causing concern. The District and local law enforcement is following up on these concerns and reaching out to families. We would like to remind the community that it remains committed to promoting equity, tolerance, cultural acceptance and unity throughout the school district and we encourage you to have these conversations with your children.

Throughout the school year, the District implements a variety of age-appropriate educational tools in the curriculum to teach students about these concepts. We teach our students how to advocate for their beliefs in a respectful and appropriate manner. The high school offers an elective course called Race, Identity and Justice where students can discuss these subjects. In addition, the high school will be providing students with the opportunity to participate in a Google Meet with our Cultural Diversity Club advisor to discuss current events. More information about this will be forthcoming from the Building Principal.

We also provide our faculty with professional development to give them the tools to teach our students about tolerance. For example, the District has welcomed experts to speak with staff on being culturally responsive when teaching, and when selecting materials for their classrooms.

We would ask that before sharing or reposting social media posts, you consider the consequences that sharing those posts amongst the public might have on all involved. We recommend that parents and students review the information found at, which we believe is a great resource for learning about tolerance.

Our guidance counselors and student assistance counselors are always available to discuss these sensitive topics with students. If your student would like to speak with someone, their contact information can be found on each school’s webpage.