Statement from the Board of Education

The following statement was made by the Board of Education President, Joseph Bond, at the October 13, 2020 BOE meeting: 

“In recent media, social media and emails, the District has been criticized and questioned by some for its failure to address, prevent and remedy incidents alleging racial injustice, particularly regarding some involving students.

We have very clear expectations about student behavior.

As our policies require, we encourage the reporting of any misconduct regardless of severity.

The District promptly and thoroughly investigates these allegations.  While some investigations can be quick, others require more time.  In either case, we will not rush an investigation or rush to judgment.

If an investigation determines that disciplinary action should be taken, that is a private matter between the District, and the family. The District is obligated under the law to follow the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).  Accordingly, the District is not permitted to share information on the outcome of any student discipline with the public. 

The District has done a lot to ensure that students have a safe and healthy environment to learn and will continue to do so.  The overview of the Racial Equity ad hoc committee that Ms. Serratore gave at the October 13th board meeting is an example, but there will always be more that the District can and will do.

As we move forward in the next couple of months, the District will be creating a Diversity Equity Team to continue the work of the Racial Equity Ad Hoc Committee which will be divided into smaller subcommittees and will be looking for greater participation from community members.  I encourage you to get involved and help improve our District.

I would also like to remind the public that it is inappropriate for adults to email, text, or post information such as photos, names and social media screen prints that identify minor children.  We ask our children to do better, and as adults we need to do better also.

We have a good community and a great student body.  Creating a culture of diversity and tolerance, a safe and healthy learning environment should be something that unites us.

We will continue to encourage open honest respectful conservation on ways to improve our District and community.”