Superintendent is Part of County Task Force Standing Against Racism

Superintendent John Xanthis reported at the July 20, 2020 Board of Education meeting that he was joining a task force of county superintendents called United Together Against Racism. A letter had been released by the county superintendents in June 2020 indicating their stand against racism.  Mr. Xanthis reported that the superintendents formed the task force to be able to take action that will help the vital need to erase racism in our schools and in our society. 


Mr. Xanthis said that the task force has identified issues to work on.  The first issue the committee agreed needed to be addressed was the recruitment of minority candidates for school employment opportunities, especially at the teaching and administrative levels. He reported that OUBOCES will be bringing back a recruitment fair and plans to work with many colleges in the area.  


Mr. Xanthis also said that a high school subcommittee of the task force is in formation to address racial issues at that level.  They will be seeking representatives in the future for the subcommittee.


“I am glad that the superintendents of the county are banning together to work to eliminate racism in all of our schools.  This is a problem that is bigger than one school, or one county or even one state- and together we can make the real change that is needed.” said Mr. Xanthis.