Today’s Students Tomorrow’s Teachers Program Visits Berea Elementary

Valley Central High School students who are a part of the Today’s Students Tomorrow’s Teachers program visited Berea Elementary School on Wednesday, March 29 to observe classes and to read to the younger students.

The Today’s Students Tomorrow’s Teacher program is an innovative career development and mentoring program that recruits, mentors, and trains culturally diverse students from high school through college and places them as effective teachers and leaders within their community.

The program has been a great addition to the Valley Central community. The TSTT members attend weekly meetings where they gain knowledge and skills connected to the Field of Education. The students are interested in coming back to teach in Valley Central School District. Through this program – students will receive exclusive training, experience and college/career assistance.

We want to recognize the following students for their participation in this program: Jayden Orozcol, Alexzoandria O’Dell, Mason Bobadillo, Maite Gallardo, Selena Herrera, Marina Holt, Ava-Jean Odin, Nicteche Rivera and George Peedah. We also would like to thank the Mid-Hudson Regional Program Manager, Yolanda Maldonado, who accompanied the students on their visit and Tanisha Parker who is the Today’s Students Tomorrow’s Teachers Advisor at VCHS.

These students have also been invited to present at the board meeting on April 17.

To learn more about the Today’s Students Tomorrow’s Teachers program please visit their website at