VC Celebrates May the Fourth Day

May the Fourth Day is a day that started as a grassroots movement to celebrate George Lucas’ Star Wars franchise, referring to the Jedi saying, “May the Force be with You.” The phrase “May the Fourth be with You” was first made back in 1979 by a London newspaper congratulating Margaret Thatcher on her installation to the Prime Minister’s office on, that’s right, May the 4th. 

The day has been celebrated by Star Wars fans annually since 2011 and Disney began sponsoring events since 2012.  VC decided that this year would be a great time to join in the fun with a district wide virtual spirit day.  Students and staff participated sending photos and videos to be posted on our social media. While the spirit day gave an opportunity to break the monotony of the coronavirus quarantine, it is hoped that we can expand it to be a celebration of space, science and STEM in years to come. 

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