HS End of Year Activities 2020

Upcoming Events

June 1-4  Locker Clear Out Pick-Up: Information has been posted regarding HS Locker Clear Out here.

By June 1: Not Your Ordinary Cap and Gown Payment Info

 The Senior Class is continuing to collect payment for your pre-ordered caps and gowns via PayPal. The following link will be open through June 1 to receive payments. If you have any questions or concerns related to caps and gowns, please reach out to Senior Class Advisor Mrs. Gliedman at amanda.gliedman@vcsdny.org

Name of Graduate

Not Your Ordinary Cap and Gown Pick-Up Details

Friday, June 5 (rain date June 6)

This event will run from 10:30AM-3:30PM with staggered times for Seniors to arrive in their cars to drive down Celebration Lane (AKA the bus lane). While remaining in their cars and driving through Celebration Lane, professional photographers, and VC Grads, Kateigh & Ben Jamison will be on hand to capture the moment as a keepsake for the Seniors, while the students will receive honor cords and a surprise from the All Night Grad Committee, provide their name cards to the honorary announcers for use at graduation, be given special gifts by local florist The Secret Garden and local bakery Calculated Confections, receive military honor sashes and pins, be greeted by the Town of Montgomery Police Department, be provided with a grab-and-go BBQ from the Village of Montgomery Fire Department members, and so much more! All that the Seniors need to do is decorate their cars (if you would like to, not required), show up at your scheduled time, and enjoy the celebration in your honor. Social distancing will be maintained for everyone’s safety. 

Please follow the schedule above for your arrival time and pull into the Middle School main entrance upon arrival. If there is an unforeseen conflict with your scheduled time, please email Mrs. Carver at kimberly.carver@vcsdny.org.

Arrival Time Frame: 10:30-11:30AM;  Student Last Name:  A-Cz
Arrival Time Frame: 11:30-12:30PM;  Student Last Name:  Darwin-Guzman
Arrival Time Frame: 12:30-1:30PM;  Student Last Name :  Harkins-Mycka
Arrival Time Frame: 1:30-2:30PM;  Student Last Name: Natkiel-Ryan
Arrival Time Frame: 2:30-3:30PM;  Student Last Name: Salgado-Zupko

The local newspaper wants to also help celebrate your Senior. Please contact Carl Aiello at https://hvt.honormygrad.com/ to honor your Grad today!

Presentation of Diplomas

June 10-15 (Tentative Dates)(times will vary)  

One of Valley Central’s time honored traditions is the presentation of student diplomas. We are one of the few schools who hand students their actual diplomas during graduation. This year, although it may look different, our goal is to provide that opportunity in a safe but elegant way with students surrounded by their close family members. Should we be afforded the opportunity to hold an in-person ceremony on August 1st, a presentation during the calling of graduates’ names will also occur.  Below is all the information you need to know and act on in order to participate in the presentation of diplomas.

Sign up, using the links below, for an appointment (one appointment per graduate; 12 max per hour) to come to the High School.  The dates and time slots available are as follows.

We have tried to offer flexibility in choices given the short time frame we have, however, we ask that if you are a family who can be flexible with their schedule that you leave the later and weekend slots for those families who need this option. 

Wednesday, June 10 – 2-6PM- Wednesday, June 10th

Thursday, June 11- 9AM-12PM; 3-7PM- Thursday, June 11th

Friday, June 12- 9AM-12PM; 1-3PM-  Friday, June 12th

Saturday, June 13- 8:30AM-12:30PM; 1:30-5:30PM- Saturday, June 13th

Monday, June 15- 9AM-2PM- Monday, June 15th

Appointment slots are first come, first served, but if there are any hardships, cancellations or questions please contact kimberly.carver@vcsdny.org for assistance. 

  1. Students should arrive in one car per graduate with family members only entering the school complex through the Middle School entrance and drive around the back of the school, down the paved path, and stop at the staged area near the start of the football field. You will be provided direction on when you and your parents and/or immediate family members can get out of the car and enter the celebration area. Once in this area, we will have photographers present to take pictures as a family and as an individual with diplomas. Photos will be available for purchase and will be used for some of our virtual celebrations. More information will be provided regarding photo purchases.

  2. It will be very important that we do not rush this event, however please be mindful of the schedule that we need to keep to respect all families. 

  3. In keeping with tradition and elegance of our ceremony, graduates should be dressed in their cap (with tassels) and gowns following the guidelines provided below: 


  • Black shoes and dark socks.  (No boat shoes , No Sneakers)
  • ONLY WHITE button down collared shirt (no other color)
  • Wear black or navy trousers (no khakis or blue jeans)
  • All must have and wear a dark tie (no bow ties)
  • Hair to be trimmed and well-groomed as to easily accommodate the cap
  • No jewelry other than watches and rings and stud earrings. No hoops, necklaces or dangling jewelry! Any FACIAL JEWELRY must be either removed, nude or clear in color. Hoops and anything that dangles is prohibited. 


  • Solid Black  or Navy closed shoes. (No sandals or Chinese slippers) 
  • Dress, skirt or slip is to be worn under gown. (no cut-offs, no shorts)
  • Hemlines should not exceed that of the gown
  • The neckline of the dress not show above the collar of the gown. 
  • Hair must be such as to easily accommodate the cap
  • No corsages- wrist or pin-on
  • No jewelry other than watches and rings and stud earrings. No hoops, ankle bracelets, necklaces or dangling jewelry! Any FACIAL JEWELRY must be either removed, nude or clear in color. Hoops and anything that dangles is prohibited. 

We look forward to sharing this special moment with each of you and your immediate family. We anticipate and appreciate everyone adhering to the guidelines provided so that we can have a safe and beautiful presentation of diplomas. If you are not interested in participating, diplomas will be mailed home at a later date. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Ms. Kim Carver at kimberly.carver@vcsdny.org


Graduation Plans 

June 20, 2020 and August 1, 2020

Graduation is the event that we all look forward to in order to celebrate all of the hard work of the students and our community. In these uncertain times, we feel it is important to provide options for celebrating that focuses on the students as well as keeping safety in mind. All of the following plans are subject to the most up-to-date safety guidance related to COVID-19.

  • Step 1: Host a celebratory virtual presentation on Saturday, June 20, 2020 at 6PM to recognize all graduates in the Class of 2020. 

  • Step 2: Host an official Commencement Ceremony at the High School on August 1, 2020 followed by an All Night Grad celebration adhering to any and all safety guidelines as per the State and local governments.

  • Step 3: If Step 2 is not feasible due to COVID-19 restrictions, then a virtual Commencement Ceremony will be hosted on August 1. 

We realize this is both a celebratory and difficult time for everyone involved and that contradiction has been a challenge to manage. I want to thank our students and families for rising to the occasion, along with the entire High School staff and Valley Central community, in supporting each other during this transformational time.

Yearbook Dedication and Moving Up Ceremony

VCHS held a virtual Moving Up Day and Yearbook Dedication ceremony online through a Facebook premiere on May 29, 2020 at 6:00 PM.   The video is available on the District’s Facebook page and Youtube channel as well as on this page. 


Yearbook Information

There have been many inquiries about the status of yearbooks as we are  heading into the last weeks of school.  Due to printing and shipping delays related to COVID-19 we are unable to publish an exact distribution date at this time, but we are hoping to have drive-up distribution at the high school starting in mid-June.
As soon as we have more information from Jostens, we will let you know exact dates that books can be picked up. Seniors will have their own pick-up date, as well as underclassmen including those students attending ALC.
The 2020 Viking Log is Sold Out! 

Yearbook Digital Signing

We are excited to introduce a new option for signing yearbooks. Since we can not have students sign yearbooks in the traditional way this year and while students are waiting for yearbooks to arrive, they can begin having them signed NOW—DIGITALLY.
Jostens has released digital signing pages which are available at yearbooksigning.jostens.com. By sharing an individualized link with friends, students can still have a yearbook-signing experience. Another special tradition carries on despite COVID-19,  just in a non-traditional way. 

Past Events

May 24-30 Town Of Montgomery COVID-19 Response Team #TOMSTRONG is asking local businesses to decorate storefronts to honor the Class of 2020. 
See our Decorated Storefronts Album on Facebook.

May 26 Destination Day
Destination Day is traditionally the day that seniors show off where they are headed after VCHS! This year it was celebrated digitally. 

May 25  Launched the Digital Signing of Yearbooks at yearbooksigning.jostens.com. Check it out if you have not done so already!

May 2O  Light the Night for Seniors
Facebook post of the Stadium Lit Up


May 7 Delivery of Lawn Signs to the Class of 2020

Facebook Album: Delivery of Lawn Signs


Thanks to Eric Guarneri, who compiled this slideshow showing all the senior photos received, over two hundred of them!  The slideshow was developed into a series of shorter videos available on our Youtube channel and can be located through the links below. 

Video 1: Sign Delivery

Video 2: Sign Delivery

Video 3: Sign Delivery

Video 4: Sign Delivery

Video 5: Sign Delivery

Video 6: Sign Delivery

Video 7: Sign Delivery

Video 8: Sign Delivery