End of Year Activities

Student Belongings Pick Up


June 1-4: We realize that even with the opportunity for students to gather belongings in March, some items have been left behind. Likewise, students have textbooks, school uniforms and other items to return to the school. As a result, Valley Central High School and Middle School are coordinating student drop off of school items and student pick up of personal items from June 1 through June 4 from 9AM-1PM. 

In order to maintain safety and manage the exchange of materials, we are asking families to adhere to the following schedule by date and by last name. This will allow us to maintain manageable numbers, inventory returns and ensure that all community members remain in their cars. If you have extenuating circumstances and can not attend your assigned date, please email  Mr. Balducci (thomas.balducci@vcsdny.org), Assistant Principal, to assist you further.

June 1: 9AM-1PM; Students whose last names are: A-E
June 2: 9AM-1PM; Students whose last names are: F-L
June 3: 9AM-1PM; Students whose last names are: M-R
June 4: 9AM-1PM; Students whose last names are: S-Z

What you need to know about drop off and pick up of items: 

  • Please report to the middle school at the assigned date/time 
  • Vehicles will be directed to drive slowly in the Middle School bus lane in front of the cafeteria doors.
  • Students and parents will remain in their vehicles as staff members will retrieve their locker items which will be placed and labeled in bags. 
  • Middle School parents will then be directed to drive to the Main Office Overhang if they need to drop off items such as books, instruments, uniforms OR if there’s a need to pick up medication. 
  • Staff members will be stationed outside of the front doors and will approach the vehicles with bins to collect the items. Please have items clearly labeled with your student’s name, grade, and team. 
  • If you have both HS and MS items, pick the MS lane or the HS lane, drop off the respective items,  and then you will be redirected to the second lane to do the same.
  • Student medication pick up will also be available at this time. The parent/guardian must be present to pick up medication.
  • EVERYONE must remain in their vehicles as no one will be permitted in the building.
  • All students, including out-going 8th graders, will keep their Chromebooks until further notice.  
  • Students with items in gym lockers will email Mr. Balducci, thomas.balducci@vcsdny.org, with their name, the locker number, and a description of their belongings. 
  • If students shared their lockers, we are not responsible for any misplaced, lost, stolen or damaged items. The student assigned to the locker will claim the belongings contained therein.
  • Students should review and utilize this helpful checklist prior to your scheduled time- VCMS Student Checklist.
  • If you have a blended family with different last names, please pick one of the assigned alphabet ranges that apply and bring ALL family member’s items at that time.
  • If anyone in your family is ill or has a fever, please do not report to the school at this time. We will work with you to ensure items are returned at a later date. 

    Please contact Mr. Balducci if you have any questions or concerns.

    End of Year Activities

    June 5 8th Grade Virtual Dance

    June 8-12 VCMS Banner Reveal “In This Together”

    June 15-16  VCMS Yearbook Signing

    June 16 Virtual 8th Grade Moving Up Ceremony 10AM Premiere on VCSD Facebook page. 

    Since the Governor announced the closure of New York State Schools for the duration of the 2019-20 school year, we have been working diligently on delivering instruction, organizing end of the year celebrations and determining how to safely close out the school year for both students and staff given the guidelines provided by the Federal, State and local governments. We appreciate everyone’s patience as we maneuver through these unprecedented times. 

    Past Events

    May 27 Sign Delivery to 8th Graders
    Signs bought by the VCMS PTA to celebrate the 8th graders heading to high school were delivered by teachers and administrators. See photos on our Facebook page.