VCHS COVID Procedures

Communication is the key to every relationship here at VCHS. In order to ensure communication channels are clear and information is provided in a timely manner, each student is will be a part of a HS administrative Google
Classroom titled either 9th and 10th Grade or 11th and 12th Grade. In this Google Classroom, students will receive regular daily announcements, attendance check-ins, important forms and access to resources. For parents/guardians, we plan on continuing to use the School Messenger email system and the school website.

Student IDs

Each student is being provided a VCHS student ID and lanyard. It is expected that students arrive each day with their ID displayed from the lanyards and placed around the neck. This is for safety purposes and is required to be a part of the daily routine. If you have any questions related to
IDs, please email For students who are 100% online, please keep these in a safe place to use when you return. We will also provide separate correspondence in the coming weeks for students who have chosen 100% online.

Student Arrival

All students will be assigned an entrance door based on colored zones related to their 1st period class. Prior to the start of school, parents and students will receive a map of the zones to locate entrance doors. Student temperatures will be taken upon entrance into the building each day.

Students should arrive no earlier than 7:00 am and no later than 7:20 am to start 1st period at 7:25 am. Buses will be letting students off at 7:10 am.

We ask that families dropping off their students, account for time needed to navigate the traffic on  Route 17K as well as within the complex and follow the procedures established for safety.

Students arriving after 7:25 am will need to enter the building through the main entrance.

Student Dismissal

Students will be dismissed from the building based upon the zone in which their 9th period class is located. This will be a staggered dismissal. Student dismissal will be at 1:52pm. There will not be any post-session or in-person extracurricular activities (all virtual) at this time and all
students are expected to board a bus or get a ride home immediately following dismissal.

Outside Visitors

 No outside visitors or parents will be allowed into the school except for emergencies. We ask that parents/guardians refrain from dropping off items for students during the school day with the exception of food items that are needed.

Parking Tag

VCHS parking tag were mailed to students.  Information can be found on the website and in the google classroom related to guidelines and parking map. Please park only in your assigned parking spot.

For Help on Remote and Online Days

Consult the VC Parent Guide to Instruction

Parent  Resources

The VC Parent Digital Resources Page contains Student Login Information, Tutorials, Tech Assistance, as well as WiFi/internet information for parents. You can find the VC Parent Digital Resources Page can be found here.

COVID Procedures

  Communication l Safety Requirements l HS and CTEC Schedule l AB Rotation l Arrival, Breakfast and Health Eval. l Entrance/Exit Zones l Attendance l Bathroom Use l Breakfast and Lunch l Lunch Room Assignments l Busing l Chromebook Use l Computer Lab/Library l Desk Covering l Dismissal l Dropping Off Items l Hallway Movement l Hand Washing l Lockers l Mask Breaks l Outside Visitors l Passes to Offices l Physical Education l Early Student Pick Up l After School Activities Parent/Student Portal l Vending Machine l Student Discipline l SuppliesRemote Meals

All students 9-12 will join each google classroom for each class throughout the day starting with 1st period at 7:25am. Please follow the bell schedule for classes. 

Period Schedule- Regular Bell Schedule
1: 7:25-8:08
2: 8:11-8:51
3: 8:54-9:34
4: 9:37-10:17
5: 10:20-11:00
6: 11:03-11:43
7: 11:46-12:26
8: 12:29-1:09
9:  1:12-1:52

Each period of the day will include meeting your teacher, the class and IMPORTANT procedural information for those returning to the building as well as for those continuing with online instruction. Teachers will place this information in their google classroom for viewing. It will also be located in the student body classrooms (9/10 & 11/12) for students who may need to view it at a later time. 

If a student has a study hall or lunch, they are to log into their student body classroom to view the assigned procedural videos for those periods. If you have late arrival, early dismissal, or CTEC, you should also view EACH period in the student body google classroom to know the procedures. 

Students must complete their daily attendance survey found in the student body google classroom . All students must complete their attendance check-in

TEAM Online

Remote students must log on to each period to google classroom and/or google meets; students are not required to attend study halls or lunch periods


The school website, school messenger, student email and a student body google classroom (grades  9/10 & 11/12) will be utilized for announcements, important information, forms needed etc.

Safety Requirements 

Students and staff will be expected to wear masks and maintain social distance at all times. Guidelines related to common areas & classrooms of 6 ft social distance as well as PE & Music of 12 ft social distance when active will be followed as set forth in the plan.

Students will start each day with a desk mat that has been sanitized. Students will be expected to take these desk mats with them throughout the day to utilize for safety. Students are encouraged to utilize hand sanitizer where hand washing is not available. Stations will be available throughout the building and in each classroom. 

Students will be allowed to bring their own sanitizers and wipes to school (70% alcohol). 

High School and CTEC Schedule

Team 1- A-L (does not apply to CTEC students): attend in-person Monday and Thursdays

Team 2- M-Z (does not apply to CTEC students): attend in-person Tuesday and Friday 

Team In- Person– Special education students in 12:1:1 programs attend 5 days a week & ALC

Team Online–  Students attending 100% online

CTEC Team 1– Students will be assigned teams from CTEC: 

A Week – attend in-person Monday, Wednesday and Friday 

B Week – attend in-person Tuesday, Thursday

CTEC Team 2 – Students will be assigned teams from CTEC: 

A Week – attend in-person Tuesday, Thursday

B Week – attend in-person Monday, Wednesday and Friday 

VCHS A/B Class Rotation

 Some courses will still be designated A or B Days (lab, PE etc). Monday & Tuesday will always be A Days; Thursday & Friday will always be B Days; Wednesdays will rotate each week A/B – A Day week starting September 9. 

Arrival, Breakfast & Health Evaluation

Students will be assigned an entrance door based upon their 1st period class. Students will be required to go immediately to their 1st period classroom upon arrival. 

Breakfast is arrival Grab and Go as students go to first period class. 

Students will have their temperature screened upon entering the building. Students who are being dropped off will get checked upon exiting their cars. More information will be provided about where and how drop off for walkers will take place. 

Entrance & Exit Doors Will Also Correspond to Colored Zones

Pool Doors –Blue Zone
Guidance Doors- Green Zone
Main Entrance Doors- Yellow Zone
Music & Art Room Doors- Orange Zone
Athletic Doors – Purple Zone

Zoned Floor Plan -HS Map & Entrance/ Exit Doors 

Zoned Classroom # Listings


Attendance is taken daily, in each class period via google meets and/or in-person.

Bathroom Use

In order to maintain social distance in the bathrooms, students must report to a class and receive a pass prior to using the bathrooms. Only 2 students at a time will be allowed in the main student bathrooms. Marked waiting areas outside each bathroom will be provided if a student needs to wait. Staff will also supervise. Students will use the bathroom in their assigned zone during that class period they receive a pass. Bathrooms will be available between periods for hand washing. 

Breakfast & Lunch

Breakfast: Students who wish to purchase breakfast will enter through the left main entrance door and proceed directly to the line to purchase. They will sit socially distanced in the North Cafeteria to eat breakfast then proceed to 1st period class. 

Lunch: Students will be encouraged to bring their lunch from home, if they can not, the option to purchase a hot lunch will be available to all students each day they are present. Food services will also be made available for those students not in-person- see the VC Reopening Plan-Child Nutrition for information.  Students will be assigned a specific cafeteria or sitting area based on last name for the purpose of purchasing and eating lunch. Students will wear masks in these areas at all times, except when eating. Students will arrive in their area, find a marked seat and wait to be sent to the lunch line to purchase their meal. Eating areas will include the two cafeterias, and the HS Library. The library will only be used for periods 5 & 6. 

Students assigned to the Library that need to purchase lunch will proceed directly from their last period class to the lunch line and proceed to the library. Students assigned to the North and South will proceed directly to their designated eating areas and either start eating or wait to be called to purchase lunch. 

Lunch Room Assignments

Period 5 /Team 1   A – De (North Cafe)  l  Deg – Gi (South Cafe)  l  Go – L (Library)
Period 5/Team 2   M – Sag (North Cafe) l Sah – Va (South Cafe) l  Ve – Z (Library)

Period 6/Team 1    A – De (North)  l  Di – He (South) l Hi – Ma  (Library) 
Period 6/Team 2   M – Sa (North)  l  Sc – Van (South) l Vas – Z Library

Period 7/Team 1   A – Gr (North)  l  Gu – Z (South) 
Period 7/Team 2  M – Se (North) l Shi – Wi (South) l Wo – Z (Library)

Period 8/Team 1  A- Di (North) l E – Li (South)
Period 8/Team 2 M – Si (North) l Sl – Z (South)

Period 9/Team 1  A – Ga (North) l  Ge – Ly (South)
Period 9/Team 2 M – Sc (North) lSe – Z (South)


Students who are taking the bus: remain 6ft distance at bus stop and on bus, wear a mask at all times, load the bus back to front. Masks will be provided on the bus if needed.

Students enrolled at CTEC will also be provided with busing to and from the program and back to school and home as needed. Specific information related to CTEC will be provided to only those enrolled.

Buses will unload in sections and also load based upon building dismissal areas.

In the past, we have allowed students, with parent permission, to take another bus to a friend’s house for a day. This will be suspended at this time for safety reasons. Any changes to busing must go through Transportation at Central Office, .

Chromebook Use

Students will be expected to bring their assigned Chromebooks to and from school each day they are in attendance. It is important that they are charged each night before coming to school. 

Should you experience a problem technically or with the hardware, please email 

Computer Labs  & Library Use

Since all students 9-12 are provided with a 1:1 Chromebook, the use of computer labs will be limited to whole class use as needed.

Library services will be provided online as much as possible. Resources will be shared related to online e-books to read and research materials. Virtual librarian office hours will also be provided to students and staff for support. The librarian can also push-in and meet with whole classes when needed.

Desk Coverings

Each morning, students will enter into their first class of the day and be provided with a sanitized desk covering. This covering will travel with each student throughout the day, to each class and will be placed on the desk or area they are assigned to. At the end of the day, students will place the covers in receptacles near the exits to be sanitized and reissued the next day. 


Dismissal to buses and/or cars will take place in staggered fashion to provide space and time to load buses and leave campus. Student dismissal will be at 1:52 PM  each day with the exception of opening days when dismissal will be earlier to familiarize students with their buses.  Dismissal, like student arrival, will be by assigned zones based upon a student’s 9th period class.

Dropping Off Items for Students

Parents/guardians will be prohibited from dropping off items to students throughout the school day with the exception of forgotten or needed lunch/food items. Students will not be called out of class to get these items, but should pick them up on their way to lunch or in between periods. 

Hallway Movement

Students will be expected to remain in their assigned classrooms with the exception of using the bathroom, seeing the nurse, or due to a personal crisis. Movement will be restricted and resources will be provided online wherever possible for safety purposes. Otherwise when changing classes or walking in the hallways students must have their masks on at all times and walk on the designated sides of the hallway based upon the direction they are traveling. Hallway traffic patterns will be marked. Some staggered dismissals may occur based upon need as well as set directional patterns.

Hand Washing

Students are encouraged to wash their hands throughout the day and utilize sanitizing stations located throughout the building. Students will be afforded the opportunity to specifically wash their hands in science and art classrooms as they are equipped with sinks and hand soap.


In an effort to reduce hallway traffic, to promote social distance and for health and safety reasons, students will not be assigned lockers. Textbooks will be kept either in the classroom or at home. Students will be expected to bring their Chromebooks and a few supplies each day to school. Please be reminded that the school has purchased many of the school supplies students will need for the 20-21 school year- at this time there is no need to purchase additional school supplies (some exceptions may apply but teachers will inform of these needs). Jackets/coats will be carried and remain with the students throughout the day and can be hung on the back of chairs while in class.

Mask Breaks

As required, students will be provided with mask breaks throughout the school day. These will take place in a safe environment 6 feet away from others. 

Outside Visitors

Visitors will not be allowed in the building except for emergency situations. Parent/guardian meetings will be held virtually as a result. Facility use will not be allowed by outside users at this time. 

Passes & Access to Nurse, Office & Guidance

Student passes will be distributed only for access to the nurse and the bathroom needs of students. No students will be allowed to enter the main office or guidance office without prior approval from the respective office. If a student is found to be in a crisis situation, they will be escorted to the appropriate support services. 

Physical Education

All students are required per NYS graduation requirements to attend P.E. Students will NOT be expected to change for P.E. but they will be participating in various physical education activities during class.  Students should wear sneakers and appropriate physical activity attire on scheduled P.E. days. 

Picking Up a Student Early From School

No visitors will be allowed in school. Per normal procedure, parents should provide a signed note describing the reasons for leaving, a time, the date, and who is picking up your child. These notes should be emailed ahead of time to the ATTENDANCE OFFICE at or

Those coming to pick up a student will need to come to the main high school entrance, show their identification on the camera and once verified the student will be sent outside. 

Post-Session, Afterschool Activities & Building Use

All students will be expected to leave the building at the 1:52pm dismissal time. There will be NO post-session, extracurricular or athletic activities on school grounds. Various extracurricular activities and extra help from teachers will be conducted via google meets and not in-person on school grounds. 

Schedules & Parent/Student Portal

Student schedules are available for viewing on the parent and student portal. Students should come to school with their schedule printed out or located on their phone for viewing. If students are missing a period or have a concern with their schedule, they should email their teachers prior to the start of school. Once school begins, students will have access to guidance forms in the school wide google classroom. 

Need assistance with the SchoolTool Parent/Student Portal? Email 

School Store & Vending Machines

Access to these areas will be suspended during our reopening. 

Student Discipline and Reporting

Students who may experience disciplinary issues, will be given an opportunity to speak with an administrator. If a student needs to report an incident or a concern they will be able to do so in the Building Level Google Classroom by accessing the incident reporting form. This information will go directly to an administrator. Should the situation be time-sensitive and/or an imminent safety issue, students will be escorted to the office immediately. 

Student Supplies 

The District has purchased the bulk of school supplies students need for the school year.  

School Meals are Available During the PAUSE of In- Person Instruction

The distribution schedule of the free school meals will be adjusted as follows from November 30, 2020 through January 15, 2021. 

As a reminder, free breakfast and free lunch is available to all VC students, age 2-18. 

Meal pickup will resume on Monday, November 30th. During the pause of in-person instruction, pickup days will be on Mondays and Wednesdays only. Orders must be placed from the website by navigating to the building that your child attends and filling out the order form. If you have children in multiple schools, you may order and pick up meals for each child from the building that is most convenient for you. 

Meal pickup on Mondays: 

Meal pickup on Wednesdays: 

If you have any questions, please email