VCMS COVID Procedures

What to Expect with 5 Days a Week Instruction- Updated May 5, 2021

Valley Central Middle School will start 7th and 8th grade students attending 5 Days a week starting on WEDNESDAY, MAY 5, 2021.

Social Distancing for Cohorted Groups (Grade Levels):

Rules currently are:
● 6 ft. for lunch, PE and music (singing, playing instrument)
● 3 ft. for instructional classes (cohort)
● Masks are required (except when eating or official mask breaks)

Entrance Door for 6th graders:

In order to maintain social distancing, we are having all 6th graders enter through the front entrance doors closest to the cafeteria rather than the main office entrance doors each morning. Signs posted.

Entrance doors for 7th & 8th graders:

Continue to enter the building at the main office entrance doors. Signs posted.

Busing and Block Numbers for Students (this procedure has not changed):

Updated lists have been provided to teachers to assist students with locating their bus. We do not have many bus changes and if so, parents were notified. If a student is new to the building and/or transportation, classroom teachers can assist them. Students will be dismissed by grade and team in order to provide for social distancing as students exit the building and board the buses.

Morning Drop-Off (this procedure has not changed):

Please start lining up in the middle lane of the complex on the right hand side of the lane adjacent to the High School. Please note there will be much more traffic as a result of more students returning to school; please be patient.
Breakfast: Students can no longer eat breakfast in the classroom. Students who want to eat breakfast should report to the following assigned areas:
● Grade 6 – Cafeteria
● Grade 7 & Grade 8 – Gymnasium

Desk Covers:

The custodians will continue to clean the used laminated mats from the day prior and place them in every first period class. Students will take the desk cover with them to each period of the day. At the end of the day, students will deposit them in bins located at the exit doors.

Bells & Class Dismissal Schedule (this procedure has not changed):

In order to limit the number of students in the hallways this year, we have been staggering classroom dismissal times as well as dismissal at the end of the
school day. We will continue to practice this as more students return as well as no bells ringing.

Staggered Class Dismissal Schedule for Staff & Students

Lunch Rooms: In order to accommodate the 6 ft. social distance requirements for eating. We will be using the cafeteria, gymnasium and some classrooms in order to follow the guideline. In order to assist with the new quarantine rules the following will be implemented:

● All Students will be assigned a lunch area with assigned seating (assigned seating required to adhere to the less stringent quarantine rules)
● Each grade level will eat the same period

○ 6th Grade- period 5; starting Wednesday, May 5 the 4th period lunch will be dissolved and all 6th graders will resume eating lunch the same period
○ 7th Grade – period 6
○ 8th grade- period 7

Day Rotation: The entire Middle School will resume a regular every other day rotation of A/B Days starting on May 5.

  • Monday, May 3- A Day
  • Tuesday, May 4- A Day
  • Wednesday, May 5- A Day (in order to remain insync with the High School rotation)
  •  Thursday, May 6 – B Day
  • Friday, May 7 – A Day
  • Every other day rotation will continue until the end of the school year


Buses will line up in the bus lane starting at the HS stop sign all the way to the end of the MS.  

Parents will enter through the MS main entrance and will be directed to the left of the cones by a police officer. Parents will park their vehicles in the right lane adjacent to the pool walkway. 

Upon leaving the school grounds, parents will be directed by the police officer to exit only to the RIGHT onto State Route 17K.

Staff members will stand on the curb and take each student’s temperatures as they exit; students with no elevated temperature will be escorted to a designated entrance by another staff member.

Those students arriving in vehicles will stay in their vehicles and roll down their windows to have their temperature checked; if no elevated temperature they will be directed to use the walkways where another staff member will escort them to a designated entrance.

Any student who registered a temperature of 100 degrees or higher will be escorted to the nurse’s office for further evaluation.

Student Drop-Off

Parents who drop students off must be prepared to have student’s temperature taken from within their vehicle. 

Staff will begin taking temperatures at 7:50am each morning within the parent drop-off lane. 

After a temperature check students will then exit the vehicle and then proceed to the entrance to the middle school. 

Students whose temperature is 100 degrees will not be allowed out of the vehicle.



The beginning of the school day will remain the same as in the past. The warning bell is at 8:03AM and the first period begins at 8:06AM. Our virtual students will also be following the same schedule.

Parents are requested to plan family vacations, doctor appointments, and other dates so that children do not miss school unnecessarily.  Please find the school calendar here.

Student Schedules

Have been carefully balanced to ensure safety in the number of people in our classrooms.  We will be stringent in staying with these schedules.  Concerns may be addressed to your child’s guidance counselor or Mrs. Alicia Gannello,

Custody Issues

Any legal documentation with regard to custody issues that involve your child should be reviewed and updated , if needed, at this time. Please contact the Guidance Office at extension x16601 or X16602 and/or the Registrars Office at x18130

Pick Up/Drop Off Procedures

It is recommended that students who are leaving early during the school day bring an early dismissal note stating the time the student will be picked up. This will eliminate the disruption and distractions of academic lessons to the entire classroom. Please be aware that parents and visitors will not be allowed into the building during the school day. 

Any student being picked up from the nurse will be directly escorted to the parent outside the main entrance. 


No visitors will be allowed to enter the building. Parent meetings will be conducted virtually. Any personal items will be dropped off, properly labeled, and placed in the bins located in the vestibule. Such items will be delivered to the students.  We ask that parents/guardians refrain from dropping off items for students during the school day with the exception of food items that are needed.

Any matters that pertain to the nurse’s office (e.g. medication), someone from the nurse’s office will meet the parent/guardian at the vestibule door to ensure that all procedures and/or paperwork have been completed correctly.


The District will be providing many school supplies this year. These supplies will be given to students on the first couple days of school. Specific supplies may need to be purchased that may be classspecific. Students will be notified of these needs once school starts.  Students utilizing the hybrid may take the materials back and forth during the week so they are available in school and at home. 

Students will not need a lock for their lockers this year. Students will be permitted to carry a backpack with their belongings. Please help us manage student belongings by cleaning out backpacks each night and notifying us if your student is having difficulty staying organized

Chromebook Issues

Any Chromebook issues should be addressed to Mrs. Victoria Estridge, computer para at


Breakfast will be available for students in the “grab and go” fashion we have traditionally used. 

Social distancing and masks will be required when students are waiting in the lunch lines. 


Students and staff will be required to wear masks throughout the day but with frequent mask breaks. 

Students and staff will be required to wear ID’s which will be provided on the first day of school.

Classroom Set Up

Classroom desks/chairs have been arranged properly promoting social distancing.

Classroom area rugs, cloth seating or other objects that can not be disinfected have been removed.

Classrooms and hallway movement will reflect the importance of social distancing.

Each grade of students will be dismissed in a staggered format during period transition as well during dismissal. Dismissal from periods will be staggered based on team so that fewer students are in the hallways at any given time.

Directional arrows and dividing lines have been spray-painted in the hallways.

Stairways will become one way depending on the time of day. 

Student Desk Protectors

Students will be assigned a desk protector for the day which will be found in the student’s period 1 class.
Students will be provided with desk mats and will take them to each of their classes including the cafeteria.
Students will pick it up in period 1 and leave it in their period 9 class. 
Custodians will clean the protectors at the end of the day. 
Drop boxes will be located throughout for Desk Protectors that need cleaning (Located outside of the cafeteria and front entrance)
Those same locations will include clean Desk Protectors for student use.


Hand washing stations are located throughout the middle school including those areas that are more commonly used. Alcohol-based hand sanitizer dispensers have been placed throughout the hallways.

Staff and students will be trained in the proper technique and reminded frequently to hand wash throughout the day. 

In each classroom, a bottle of hand sanitizer and cleaning spray with reusable wipes have been placed.

Some urinals in the boy’s bathrooms have been clearly covered with garbage bags to promote social distancing.

Hallway water fountains have been properly covered. 

Hand Washing/Sanitizing Schedule

Recommended times for hand washing are as follows:

Arrival to classrooms in AM 
Before and after lunch
Before and after recess 
Before and after special area classes 
Before/After using shared objects (e.g. electronic devices, toys, tabletops) 
After using the bathroom 
After sneezing, wiping, or blowing nose, or coughing into hands 
Upon coming in from outdoors 
Anytime hands are visibly soiled 


Social distancing and masks will be required when students are waiting in the lunch lines. 

The cafeteria is now split into 2 rooms. Assigned seating will be required for all students. 6th graders by their ELA periods and 7/8th graders by their team in alphabetical order. The remaining students will be assigned classrooms to eat their lunch.

One days with nice weather, students will be given the opportunity to go outside.



The middle school will follow a staggered dismissal procedure by grade and team which will allow for greater social distancing. 

Students will have received bus information via a postcard prior to the start of school. 

Parent pick up will mirror that of the morning drop off. Parents will park their vehicles in the right lane starting from the HS stop sign (not directly in front of the MS). Parents then will wait for their child(ren) in the pick-up lane.

Once buses are boarded, they will be given priority status to leave campus. After the first few days, buses will begin leaving the premises at 2:55 pm. 

Dismissal on the first few days of school will start at approximately 2:30 pm to provide enough time for students to find their buses.  Teachers will assist students in finding their buses.  The student bus lists are also  shared with teachers. 

Building Hours

The building will be open to students from 7:55 AM-3:00 PM. There is no in-person pre-session or post-session.

The building will be closed at 4:00 PM each day for cleaning purposes.

School Tool Update

In SchoolTool we are using a Custom Alert feature to identify the Team each student has been assigned to for the return to school in September.  This Custom Alert feature appears as a flag; hovering over the flag causes the Team name to display.

Parents and students can view their schedule, grades, and attendance using this platform. 

Team flag assignments can be viewed in the SchoolTool Parent Portal and Student Portal when logged in using:

A desktop or laptop computer

A mobile device to access the SchoolTool “View Full Site” mobile website
The SchoolTool app does not currently have the ability to display Team flag assignments.

For Help on Remote and Online Days

Consult the VC Parent Guide to Instruction

Parent  Resources

The VC Parent Resource Page contains Student Login Information, Tutorials, Tech Assistance, as well as WiFi/internet information for parents. You can find the VC Digital Parent Resources Page can be found here.

School Meals are Available During the PAUSE of In- Person Instruction

The distribution schedule of the free school meals will be adjusted as follows from November 30, 2020 through January 15, 2021. 

As a reminder, free breakfast and free lunch is available to all VC students, age 2-18. 

Meal pickup will resume on Monday, November 30th. During the pause of in-person instruction, pickup days will be on Mondays and Wednesdays only. Orders must be placed from the website by navigating to the building that your child attends and filling out the order form. If you have children in multiple schools, you may order and pick up meals for each child from the building that is most convenient for you. 

Meal pickup on Mondays: 

Meal pickup on Wednesdays: 

If you have any questions, please email