VCMS Students of the Month “Harvest Their Best Selves”!

The Middle School nominates a student who fits the theme of the month. The month of October theme was “Harvesting Your Best Self”. The following students have harvested good work ethics, healthy friendships, helpful hands, and good habits. 
Congratulations to our October winners! 
Scarlett Dominguez                             Jayden Charon
Katalina Scaffidi-Fonti                         Bianca Baringer
Jacklyn Grafer                                          Elly Herrera
Jaden Fifield                                              Nicole Weddell
Lucien Quick                                             Kaitlin Harkins
Mullyn McAnney                                     Mia D’Amico Perez
Jacob Fifield
Ryane Fletcher-Fanizzi
Jackson Cerdas
Abigail Georgi
Savannah George
Cadence Petro
Ava Kiszka
Malmi Rajapaksha Arachchige
Marie Helstrom
Kaylee Mercedes