Viking Log 2020 and Digital Signing

There have been many inquiries about the status of yearbooks as we are heading into the last weeks of school. Due to printing and shipping delays related to COVID-19 we are unable to publish an exact distribution date at this time, but we are hoping to have drive-up distribution at the high school starting in mid-June.

As soon as we have more information from Jostens, we will let you know exact dates that books can be picked up. Seniors will have their own pick-up date, as well as underclassmen including those students attending ALC.

There will be NO CASH sales this year. All books must be purchased online, and there are very few copies remaining. If you still have not ordered, go to today. If you are unsure if you have purchased, please call Jostens customer service at (877) 767-5217 .

Digital Signing

We are excited to introduce a new option for signing yearbooks. Since we can not have students sign yearbooks in the traditional way this year and while students are waiting for yearbooks to arrive, they can begin having them signed NOW—DIGITALLY.

Jostens has released digital signing pages which are available at By sharing an individualized link with friends, students can still have a yearbook-signing experience. Another special tradition carries on despite COVID-19, just in a non-traditional way.